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Truth Hardware

Truth Hardware

Truth Hardware produces a full range of hinges, handles, parts, accessories, and hardware for windows, sliding doors and more. Reflect Window and Door gives you access to all the wonderful products offered by Truth Window & Door Hardware. For genuine Truth door parts or Truth window parts, visit our collection of Truth Hardware.

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Window Sash Balances

Window Sash Balances

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These Window Sash Balances replace single or double hung window balances with a stamped number. Before ordering, make sure the length and stamped numbers on the channel being replaced match the length and stamped numbers listed below. While these balances are packaged and sold individually, it is our recommendation that both balances in the window be replaced at the same time. This will restore the sash to a near new condition, and prolong the life of the window.

QtyPart #Buy 1Buy 5Number Stamped On BalanceSash Weight (Lbs)Channel Length (In)Sold By
SWH-1210$10.36$9.321210 or 12A3 - 613"Each
SWH-1220$10.36$9.321220 or 12B6 - 913"Each
SWH-1240$10.36$9.321240 or 12D11 - 1213"Each
SWH-1320$10.36$9.321320 or 13B6 - 914"Each
SWH-1340$11.22$10.101340 or 13D11 - 1214"Each
SWH-1350$11.22$10.101350 or 13E16 - 2014"Each
SWH-1360$11.22$10.101360 or 13F21 - 2514"Each
SWH-1420$10.36$9.321420 or 14B6 - 1015"Each
SWH-1430$10.36$9.321430 or 14C10 - 1215"Each
SWH-1440$10.36$9.321440 or 14D12 - 1315"Each
SWH-1520$10.36$9.321520 or 15B6 - 1016"Each
SWH-1540$11.22$10.101540 or 15D12 - 1316"Each
SWH-1610$11.22$10.101610 or 16A5 - 817"Each
SWH-1620$11.22$10.101620 or 16B8 - 1217"Each
SWH-1630$11.22$10.101630 or 16C12 - 1417"Each
SWH-1640$11.22$10.101640 or 16D14 - 1917"Each
SWH-1720$11.22$10.101720 or 17B8 - 1218"Each
SWH-1730$11.22$10.101730 or 17C12 - 1418"Each
SWH-1740$11.22$10.101740 or 17D14 - 1718"Each
SWH-1760$12.09$10.871760 or 17F25-3018"Each
SWH-1810$12.08$10.871810 or 18A5 - 819"Each
SWH-1820$12.08$10.871820 or 18B8 - 1219"Each
SWH-1830$12.08$10.871830 or 18C12 - 1419"Each
SWH-1840$12.95$11.651840 or 18D14 - 1719"Each
SWH-1910$12.95$11.651910 or 19A5 - 820"Each
SWH-1920$12.95$11.651920 or 19B8 - 1220"Each
SWH-1930$12.95$11.651930 or 19C12 - 1420"Each
SWH-1940$12.95$11.651940 or 19D14 - 1720"Each
SWH-1950$12.43$11.191950 or 19E21 - 2420"Each
SWH-2020$12.95$11.652020 or 20B8 - 1221"Each
SWH-2030$12.95$11.652030 or 20C12 - 1521"Each
SWH-2040$12.95$11.652040 or 20D15 - 2321"Each
SWH-2050$12.95$11.192050 or 20E22 - 2621"Each
SWH-2120$14.67$13.202120 or 21B8 - 1222"Each
SWH-2130$14.67$13.202130 or 21C12 - 1922"Each
SWH-2140$15.54$13.982140 or 21D15 - 2322"Each
SWH-2160$16.40$14.762160 or 21F27 - 3122"Each
SWH-2220$15.54$13.982220 or 22B8 - 1223"Each
SWH-2230$15.54$13.982230 or 22C12 - 1923"Each
SWH-2240$15.54$13.982240 or 22D19 - 2323"Each
SWH-2310$15.54$13.982310 or 23A5 - 824"Each
SWH-2320$15.54$13.982320 or 23B8 - 1224"Each
SWH-2330$15.54$13.982330 or 23C12 - 1824"Each
SWH-2340$15.54$13.982340 or 23D18 - 2324"Each
SWH-2350$15.54$13.982350 or 23E22 - 2624"Each
SWH-2410$15.54$13.982410 or 24A5 - 925"Each
SWH-2420$15.54$13.982420 or 24B9 - 1525"Each
SWH-2430$15.54$13.982430 or 24C15 - 1925"Each
SWH-2440$15.54$13.982440 or 24D19 - 2425"Each
SWH-2520$16.40$14.762520 or 25B9 - 1526"Each
SWH-2530$16.40$14.762530 or 25C15 - 1926"Each
SWH-2540$16.40$14.762540 or 25D19 - 2526"Each
SWH-2550$17.26$15.542550 or 25E26 - 3026"Each
SWH-2560$17.26$15.542560 or 25F31 - 3526"Each
SWH-2610$17.26$15.542610 or 26A5 - 927"Each
SWH-2620$17.26$15.542620 or 26B9 - 1327"Each
SWH-2630$17.26$15.542630 or 26C13 - 1927"Each
SWH-2640$18.12$16.312640 or 26D19 - 2627"Each
SWH-2660$18.12$16.312660 or 26F31 - 3627"Each
SWH-2720$17.26$15.542720 or 27B9 - 1328"Each
SWH-2730$17.26$15.542730 or 27C13 - 1928"Each
SWH-2740$17.26$15.542740 or 27D19 - 2628"Each
SWH-2750$18.12$16.312750 or 27E34 - 3928"Each
SWH-2760$18.12$16.312760 or 27F34 - 3928"Each
SWH-2810$17.26$15.542810 or 28A7 - 1229"Each
SWH-2820$17.26$15.542820 or 28B12 - 1629"Each
SWH-2830$17.26$15.542830 or 28C16 - 2329"Each
SWH-2910$17.26$15.542910 or 29A7 - 1230"Each
SWH-2920$17.26$15.542920 or 29B12 - 1630"Each
SWH-2930$17.26$15.542930 or 29C16 - 2330"Each
SWH-2940$17.26$15.542940 or 29D23 - 2830"Each
SWH-2950$18.12$16.312950 or 29E31 - 3530"Each
SWH-2960$18.12$16.312960 or 29F36 - 3930"Each
SWH-3010$18.12$16.313010 or 30A7 - 1231"Each
SWH-3020$18.12$16.313020 or 30B12 - 1631"Each
SWH-3030$18.12$16.313030 or 30C16 - 2331"Each
SWH-3040$18.98$17.093040 or 30D23 - 2831"Each
SWH-3110$18.98$17.093110 or 31A7 - 1232"Each
SWH-3140$19.85$17.873140 or 31D23 - 2832"Each
SWH-3220$18.98$17.093220 or 32B13 - 1833"Each
SWH-3230$18.98$17.093230 or 32C18 - 2333"Each
SWH-3240$18.98$17.093240 or 32D23 - 2833"Each
SWH-3250$19.85$17.863250 or 32E31 - 3533"Each
SWH-3260$19.85$17.863260 or 32F36 - 3933"Each
SWH-3310$19.85$17.863310 or 33A7 - 1234"Each
SWH-3330$19.85$17.873330 or 33C18 - 2334"Each
SWH-3340$19.85$17.863340 or 33D25 - 3034"Each
SWH-3420$19.85$17.863420 or 34B14 - 1835"Each
SWH-3430$19.85$17.863430 or 34C19 - 2335"Each
SWH-3510$20.71$18.643510 or 35A14 - 1836"Each
SWH-3620$19.85$17.863620 or 36B14 - 1837"Each
SWH-3630$19.85$17.863630 or 36C19 - 2337"Each
SWH-3650$20.71$18.643650 or 36E31 - 3537"Each
SWH-3730$21.57$19.433730 or 37C19 - 2338"Each
SWH-3920$22.44$20.203920 or 39B14 - 1940"Each
SWH-3940$22.44$20.193940 or 37C14 - 1940"Each
SWH-4030$23.31$23.314030 or 40C20 - 2441"Each
SWH-4420$24.17$21.754420 or 44B15 - 1945"Each
SWH-4440$24.17$21.754440 or 44D25 - 3045"Each
SWH-4850$25.90$23.314850 or 48E33 - 3749"Each

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