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Since 1985 Reflect Window & Door has established itself as a leading supplier and distributor of window and door replacement parts including brass hardware for patio doors, closet doors, sliding shower doors and storm doors.

Brass is a wonderfully unique, malleable alloy metal that is easy to work with and cast. Brass hardware is highly desirable for its gold colored appearance but also because it is strong enough to resist wear and tear.

Brass hardware is also corrosion resistant and is the ideal metal for door replacement parts like brass doorknobs and brass door locks because of its “low friction” properties.

Customers in the United States and Canada rely on our large online selection of shower, patio, closet and sliding glass door hardware and replacement parts including brass glass clamps, brass plated replacement parts and brass door hardware. Reflect Window and Door offers the most affordable prices with flexible shipping options.

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Below is an overview of some of the available brass hardware including plated and solid brass door hardware that you can find online at Reflect Window & Door for use on patio doors plus screen, closet, shower and storm doors.

Closet Doors

Constant wear on closet door rollers, guides, and hinges eventually force homeowners to replace worn out closet door hardware. Our closet door experts can help you understand what needs to be replaced and find the exact closet door replacement part needed to get your closet door back to new condition.

Find the best prices on common metal and brass closet door hardware and parts for bi-fold, tri-fold, folding, sliding and mirror closet doors, including:

  • Brass Door Catches
  • Brass Door Handles
  • Brass Piano Hinges

You'll also find metal and steel closet door brackets, guides, rollers, snuggers, tracks and pivot rods and caps.

Glass Shower Doors

Whether you are repairing or upgrading your shower enclosure, Reflect Window & Door can supply all the needed shower door replacement parts including brass plated shower door catches plus metal rollers, pull handles, hinges and water seals.

Update your existing shower door parts with modern brass shower door handles, knobs and latches featuring contemporary designs that match the style of the rest of your bathroom.

Reflect Window & Door maintains a well-stocked distribution warehouse full of shower glass door hardware including brass plated shower door replacement parts. All of our shower sliding door hardware kits can be quickly shipped to any destination within North America.

Patio Sliding Doors

Reflect Window & Door’s collection of patio sliding door hardware is the most extensive inventory of door hardware for all types of manufactured sliding doors. Need a hard-to-find part such as a brass plated or brass patio door lock? Look no further!

Reflect Window & Door has hundreds of door hardware products and replacement parts in stock for sliding glass patio doors including patio door brass handles, bumpers, strikes and glass door tracks.

Screen Doors

Screen doors are great for keeping the bugs out and the air ventilated…but when your patio screen door gets holes in the mesh or stops sliding smoothly it may be time to visit Reflect Window & Door online to order new screen door replacement parts, including brass hardware. Find all your screen door parts including screen cloth, screen splines, screen door corners, screen door glides and guides.

Storm Doors

Storm doors face all the elements and over time may need repair. Upgrade your broken storm door hardware with brass replacement parts from Reflect Window & Door. Order popular storm door replacement parts online including storm door hinges, strikes, chains, clips, storm door closer kits and brass storm door latches and locks at the most affordable prices online.

Major Brands of Door Hardware

We supply do-it-yourselfers, homeowners, contractors, developers and home construction designers across North America with the best prices on the most popular, brand name door replacement parts including brass hardware for all types of doors. Search for brass hardware by popular brand name including:

Talk with our door experts if you need manufacturer specific brass hardware and door replacement parts or a universal door replacement piece.

Don't forget that we also carry high performance Tremco and Mulco door sealants as well as top of the line vinyl UPVC door hardware.

Ask Us About Brass Hardware Options for Doors

Reflect Window & Door is your cost-effective solution to repairing, replacing and upgrading worn out door fixtures including brass plated and solid brass hardware for all types of doors. We also carry showcase and cabinet hardware, glass connectors & brass glass clamps plus mirror hardware.

For more information about ordering brass hardware and door replacement parts online or to learn more about our selection of door replacement hardware parts for sliding doors, patio doors, closet doors, screen doors, storm doors or shower doors:

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