Patio Door Hardware Kits and Replacement Parts

Maintaining and replacing worn out sliding and swinging patio door hardware makes all the difference when it comes to ease of use and security.

Since 1985, we’ve made it our goal here at Reflect Window & Door to supply our customers throughout North America with only the highest quality patio door hardware, kits and replacement parts.

As an online patio door hardware distributor, Reflect Window and Door offers the best online prices for the most common patio door repair kits and replacement parts. We specialize in Andersen patio door parts plus Pella and Truth sliding door replacement parts. In fact, we carry popular swinging and sliding patio door parts by many of the best brand door manufacturers.

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Below is an overview of Reflect Window and Door’s selection of patio door hardware and accessories for use on exterior swinging, gliding and sliding glass and screen patio doors.

Patio Sliding Glass Door Hardware

Sliding patio doors come in a variety of standard and custom configurations when it comes to locks, rollers, handles, latches, thresholds and  accessories. The following  also includes some of our door security hardware:

Locking Patio Door Hardware (Mortise Locks)

Patio door locks do wear out and even the most common Mortise style locks need replacing sometimes. We carry multi point Mortise locks in various widths for fast installation on vinyl and wood patio doors. Mortise lock kits may include lock body, lock trim, strike plate and a keyed cylinder, if applicable.

Mortise Locks

Enhanced Security Locks

Enhance the security of your patio by installing a keyed patio door lock. We stock a variety of heavy duty gauge steel security keyed locks plus security push-bolt step foot locks and slide bolt patio locks.

Description: Security Keyed Patio Door Lock

Replacement Cylinder Locks

For new home owners or tenants we carry sliding glass patio door replacement cylinder locks for all makes and models of patio doors so you can ensure only authorized people can access the home.

Description: Patio Door 1-1/4' Cylinder Lock

Patio Screen Door Rollers

Replace old worn out rollers with brand new, smooth ball bearing patio door rollers. We carryreplacement rollers for all makes, models and styles of sliding patio doors. Shop our selection of patio door rollers by popular manufacturers such as Arcadia and Harcar or let our door hardware dealers help select roller assemblies that will install on various manufactured patio doors.

Description: Patio Door 1-1/2' Nylon Roller With 1/2' Wide Housing

Handles, Latches, Turns and Levers

Shop from a wide selection of patio door handles online! You’ll find the best selection of aluminum and plastic screen door handles plus door latches, turns and levers. Stylish surface mount and flush mount replacement patio door handles come in a variety of finishes including aluminum, wood, plastic, bronze and chrome.

Description: Patio Door Wood/Aluminum Internal Lock Handle Set With 3-1/2' Screw Holes

Replacement Thresholds and Tracks

Patio door threshold replacement parts and tracks are usually the first component that needs replacing because of wear and tear. Choose from generic aluminum replacement thresholds for use on many brand manufacturers' patio doors or select a brand specific threshold. Either way, Reflect Window and Door backs all products with solid warranties.
Description: Patio Door Aluminum Replacement Threshold for Premier Patio Doors; 4-1/8' Wide

As a patio door parts dealer we supply an assortment of other less common patio door replacement hardware and accessories including door strikes, shims and door bumpers.

Patio Screen Door Parts & Kits

The Reflect Window & Door warehouse also carries a great selection of common and hard to find patio screen door replacement pieces so you can restore old screen doors to their proper glory.

Our distribution center stays well stocked on all screen parts and kits, year round including:

Screen Door Guides & Glides

Description: Sliding Patio Screen Door Spring Tension 1-1/4' Nylon RollerOrder screen door guides and glides online to keep your screen door from rattling or to eliminate issues with opening and closing your screen door. Choose from our selection of anti-rattle top guides and bottom guides for patio screen doors. Most screen guides are designed for use on various manufactured doors but we also carry sliding screen door guides for specific use on Crossly, Mayfair, Daryl or Columbia screen doors.

Patio Screen Door Latches and Handles

Choose from our selection of patio screen door spring activated latches, screen flip latches, plastic pull sets, door lock and strikes and locking handles.

Our selection of patio screen door accessories includes Pella patio screen door parts and hardware plus Andersen, UPVC and Truth patio screen door replacement parts. We also carry a full selection of storm door hardware including chains, storm door clips, corners, hinges, latches, locks, strikes, closer kits and replacement parts.

Andersen Patio Door Hardware Distributor

We stock a huge inventory of Andersen patio door parts at our window and door warehouse. When you buy online we will gladly ship any Andersen patio hardware kit within the United States and Canada.

Whether you are the end user, a developer or a retailer, we would be happy to work with you to meet all your needs and ensure you get the right Andersen product in your hands.

Please inquire about wholesale Anderson patio hardware pricing for developers and large purchases.

Ask Us About Exterior Patio Door Replacement Kits

Reflect Window & Door prides itself on selling the best quality patio door replacement parts, repair kits and hardware for renovations and upgrades. You will find the best selection and customization for your project, whatever the size.

For more  information about ordering swinging or sliding patio door hardware online or to  learn more about our selection of patio screen door replacement parts including  locks, rollers, weatherstripping and other patio door accessories:

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