Folding & Bi-fold Sliding
Closet Door Hardware Parts

It is inevitable that at some point your sliding closet door hardware may need to be replaced as it wears out and causes the door to become uneven or difficult to open and close.

Most North American homes include some form of folding and bi-fold sliding closet doors, which were designed to save space and add functionality to any room.

You can order new sliding closet door hardware and replacement parts online from Reflect Window & Door, your online sliding closet door hardware supplier. We specialize in sliding closet door replacement parts and accessories.

Since 1985 we have been helping customers like you to fix their sliding closet doors with common closet door replacement parts by leading manufacturers like:




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Below is an overview of the closet door hardware we carry for use on bi-fold closet doors plus tri-fold, sliding and mirrored sliding closet doors.

Common Bi-Fold Sliding Closet Door Hardware

Bi-fold closet doors can easily become misaligned after frequent or hasty use. Bi-fold closet door hardware naturally wears out causing the pivoting hinges to come off track and making the bi-fold door slope to one side.

The most common bi-fold closet door hardware and replacement parts needed to fix this problem can include:

  • Top and Bottom Hinge Brackets
  • Bottom Guide Roller
  • Top Pivot, Pivot Rod, Pivot Brackets and Pivot Guide Pins
  • Top Closet Door Guide Wheels

Reflect Window & Door carries bi-fold closet door hardware for manufactured Slimfold, Cox, Kenna and Acme closet doors.

Accordion & Tri-fold
Folding Closet Door Hardware

Improve the stability and maneuverability of your accordion or tri-fold style closet doors using the proper tri-fold sliding closet door hardware parts. Reflect Window & Door supplies replacement parts and hardware kits for commercial and residential accordion and tri-fold closet style doors; shop from our selection of rollers, nylon wheels, guides and closet door accessories online at the most competitive prices.

Bypass Sliding Closet Door Hardware

Bypass closet doors are ideal for hiding what’s inside the closet while providing easy access. Reflect Window & Door stocks bypass closet door hardware and sliding bypass door track kits plus individual bypass door replacement parts including floor guides and nylon rollers.

Reflect's Mirrored Sliding Closet Door Parts

Often chosen to make a room look bigger than it actually is, sliding mirror doors are generally heavier and may require even more maintenance than regular sliding closet doors. Mirror closet door hardware replacement parts are specifically designed for mirror applications and do differ slightly in construction.

Talk to our closet mirror door experts about specialty mirror closet door rollers, handles, glides, door tracks and assembly kits for use on Monarch, Daryl, King, Glasco, Marshall and Stanley mirror sliding closet doors.

Stanley Closet Door Parts

Stanley is a global manufacturer for a wide variety of sliding closet door hardware and replacement parts. With over 150 years of expertise, Stanley is the preferred name in the industry.

Reflect Window & Door is a proud supplier of Stanley's high craftsmanship and innovative products, including Stanley:

  • Bi-fold Sliding Closet Door Parts
  • Bottom Closet Door Tracks
  • Mirror Sliding Closet Door Parts

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Replacement Hardware and Accessories

With fast shipping to any destination within North America, all of our sliding closet door hardware and replacement parts ship from our distribution warehouse in Edmonton, Alberta right to your front door.

For more information about sliding closet door replacement parts and hardware or ordering sliding closet door hardware parts online, or to learn more about our selection of bypass and folding closet door hardware including catches, brackets, guides and rollers:

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