UV Adhesives & Accessories

Bohle UV Adhesive B682-T PART # AD-129

$111.60 USD

Bohle UV Adhesive Bohle B-665-0 PART # AD-131

$108.09 USD

Glass Disks PART # AD-125

$59.88 USD

Bohle UV Adhesive B-690-0 PART # AD-130

$120.26 USD

Bohle Needle Adaptor for UV Adhesive Bottle PART # AD-126

$15.81 USD

Bohle Application Needle 5 Piece Set with Adaptor PART # AD-123

$28.75 USD

Low Viscosity Adhesive Application Needle PART # AD-122

$10.16 USD

Holdtite Construct UV Adhesive PART # AD-132

$390.85 USD

Holdtite UV Adhesive for Automotive Windshields PART # AD-133

$59.48 USD

Bohle Professional Kit with VERIFIX Fixation Device and UV Lamp PART # AD-127

$1,400.36 USD

Bohle UV Adhesive B-678-0 Lamifix PART # AD-128

$120.26 USD

Bohle UV Adhesive Set PART # AD-134

$204.37 USD

Bohle UVA-Star UV Hand Lamp PART # AD-135

From $274.88 USD

High Viscosity Adhesive Application Needle PART # AD-121

$10.16 USD

Bohle Glass Cube for UV Bonding PART # AD-124

$40.43 USD