Energy Efficient Windows - Glass Types

Reflect Window and Door carries many of the top brands for energy efficient windows plus window parts including ABC Windows, Anderson Windows, Window Master and Truth Hardware window parts to name a few.

We are located in Edmonton Alberta and can provide energy efficient window installation plus window replacement and window repair services to communities within the greater Edmonton area including Leduc, St. Albert, Fort Saskatchewan, Stony Plain, Spruce Grove and Sherwood Park, among others.

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The following is an outline of some of the available window glass types we carry here at Reflect Window and Door. These energy efficient windows are designed to help maximize the energy efficiency of your windows and pass on savings to the homeowner. Ask us about:

  • Dual Pane Windows
  • Triple Pane Windows
  • Argon Gas
  • Low-E Windows
  • SunStop Windows

Dual Pane Clear Glass Windows

Designed to reduce energy loss, clear glass dual pane windows have dual panes of glass; two panes of glass with about a half inch of space between them. This space helps to successfully insulate your home, making this an energy efficient window that also protects your home from unwanted drafts and noise. Ask us about double pane window glass repair or replacement services if you have older dual pane windows that now have moisture between the glass panes.

Triple Pane Windows

Energy efficient triple pane glass windows perform even better and are designed with three separate panes of glass. The extra half-inch of space between the second and third glass window provides superior protection against noise, drafts and heat loss.

Argon Gas Filled Windows

Argon gas windows are designed to make your windows even more energy efficient because of the sealed area between the glass panes that are filled with Argon Gas. Non-toxic and inexpensive, Argon gas is also clear and has no odour, which makes it an ideal option that can be added to both dual pane and triple pane windows. Because Argon gas is heavier than air it helps to minimize any convection air currents while giving you even temperature distribution; resulting in excellent energy efficient windows for your home.

Low-E Windows

Double pane or triple pane low emissive (low E) windows just means that the window glass has a low-e coating to help give you better energy efficient windows for your home. The purpose of the low E window coating is to reflect back any heat that your home generates and prevent heat or energy loss.

SunStop Windows

SunStop window coating simply means that your energy efficient windows include two layers of low-e coating, which increases your window’s R value and helps to keep your home warmer in winter (by reflecting your homes heat back into the home). It also helps keep your home cooler in summer by blocking out the energy of the sun.

Ask Us About Energy Efficient Windows

To learn more about glass types or for help finding the energy efficient windows you need, please contact our Reflect Window and Door experts. We also offer energy efficient window installation, repair and replacement services in the Edmonton, Alberta area.

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