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Reflect Window and Door offers professional window installation services throughout the greater Edmonton, Alberta area plus window repair services and window replacement services.

We serve the surrounding Edmonton communities of St. Albert, Leduc, Fort Saskatchewan, Spruce Grove, Sherwood Park, and Stony Plain, among others.

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Reflect Window and Door also supplies and ships window parts and door replacement parts throughout North America including window and door parts by Anderson Window and Doors, Truth Hardware, and Kawneer, among others.

Here are some great ideas and tips for maintaining and cleaning your energy efficient windows.

Window Glass Cleaning

We recommend that you do not use any kind of ammonia or cleaners that are alcohol based. Instead:

  • Use gentle cleaners only like mild soapy water or mild vinegar cleaners
  • Use gentle lint free cloths or sponges to apply cleaning solutions
  • Wipe window glass using a gentle circular motion (and use clear water to remove streaks)
  • Use mild abrasive cleaners selectively to remove oils, grease, paint, crayons or adhesive residues
  • Use extra caution cleaning glazed windows and window frames

Cleaning Exterior Windows & Window Frames

Weather can wreck havoc on your windows and window frames. Debris, dust and smog can easily dirty your windows and window frames. Here are some window cleaning tips for exterior windows and window frames.

  • Rainfall alone is not enough to clean the exterior of your windows
  • Discoloration and even damage to your window frames can occur if they are not cleaned properly
  • Use gentle mild cleaners like mild soap or diluted dish detergent in lukewarm water
  • Use soft, link free, clean cloths, sponges, or soft bristle brushes for cleaning
  • Gentle pressure washers can also be utilized
  • Before your windows have time to dry, always rinse away any residual cleaners or soaps with clean water

Cleaning Window Screens

We recommend carefully removing any bug screens or window screens prior to cleaning. Also, laying your window screen flat is a much easy way to clean.

  • For exterior window screens, use gentle cleaners and allow the screen to lie flat and soak for a short period
  • Use your garden hose or a gentle pressure washer to rinse your window screens
  • For interior window screens try using your vacuum cleaner
  • You can also try cleaning interior window screens with mild soap and water

Cleaning Window Hardware

Window locks, handles, hinges and window operators should also be cleaned and lubricated occasionally in order to keep them in great working order. We recommend that you do not use any lubricants that are petroleum based. Instead:

  • Use lubricants that are silicone based
  • Lubricate moving parts like rollers and hinges
  • For any hardware that is rotary driven, use petroleum jelly or lithium (or automotive) grease
  • Be sure to clean all hardware thoroughly prior to lubrication using common household cleaner that are diluted
  • After cleaning and before lubricating, ensure that all hardware is thoroughly rinsed with clean water

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