Awning & Hopper Window Latches

As part of Reflect Window & Door’s extensive inventory of awning widow parts, we offer a full line of Awning & Hopper Window Latches for your installation, repair or replacement job. From window cam lock & keepers to casement and awning window locks, we have the Awning & Hopper Window Latches you’re looking for in stock and ready to ship.

Window Cam Lock & Keeper PART # CAH-317

$6.64 USD

Casement and Awning Window Lock PART # CAH-157

$15.58 USD

Projecting Window Spring Catch; 1-1/4" Screw Holes PART # CAH-215

$35.00 USD

Project-In Window Transom Latch 1-7/16" Screw Holes PART # CAH-156

$58.97 USD