Center Locks

Reflect Window & Door offers a full collection of Center Locks as part of our inventory of sliding window hardware needed for repair or replacement projects. We carry Center Locks in various sizes and finishes, such as white, black and brown. Shop Center Locks at affordable prices below.

Top seller

Window Lock - Jeldwen PART # SWH-688

$28.41 USD

Sliding Window Latch and Pull With 1-1/4" Screw Holes PART # SWH-289

$15.82 USD

Sliding Window Lock c/w Strike - 2-1/2" Length PART # SWH-557

$13.68 USD

Sliding Window Die Cast Centre Lock PART # SWH-266

$7.20 USD

Sliding Window 2-1/2'' Length Center Lock PART # SWH-680

$5.31 USD

Window Lock - Black PART # SWH-687

$11.59 USD

Sliding Window 4'' Length Lock - Left PART # SWH-683L

$30.22 USD

Sliding Window 4'' Length Lock - Right PART # SWH-683R

$30.22 USD