Truth Hardware Tie Bars and Accessories

Reflect Window & Door’s line of Truth Hardware Tie Bars and Accessories is included in the Truth Window and Door Hardware collection we supply for repair or replacement projects. Our inventory of window and door parts from Truth Hardware includes tie bar guides, maxim multi-point lock tie bar guides, non-handed interlock keepers & more. Shop Truth Hardware window and door parts at affordable prices below.

Top seller

Tie Bar 1-1/8" Nylon Guide PART # CAH-141

$2.40 USD

Truth Hardware 1-1/2" Tie Bar Guide PART # 40823

$5.70 USD

Truth Hardware 1-1/2" Maxim Tie Bar Guide PART # 45152

$5.72 USD

Truth Hardware Maxim Multi-Point Lock Tie Bar Guide PART # 45137

$6.02 USD

Truth Hardware 1-1/16" Tie Bar Guide PART # 45224

$4.82 USD

Truth Hardware 1-1/2" Nylon Tie Bar Guide PART # 45209

$4.90 USD

Truth Hardware Adjustable Tie Bar Guide PART # 45140

$5.42 USD

Truth Hardware 1/2" Adjustable Right Hand Keeper for Maxim Tie-Bar System PART # 40709

$6.59 USD

Truth Hardware Non-Handed Interlock Keeper PART # 31964.92

$4.42 USD

Truth Hardware Multi-Point Lock Keeper PART # 40970.92

$5.44 USD

Truth Hardware Left Hand Multi-Point Lock Keeper PART # 31217.92

$5.54 USD