Instruments & Sensors

Discover a wide assortment of Instruments & Sensors at Reflect Window and Door, including remote controls, rain sensors and faceplates. If you’re not sure which Instruments & Sensors to buy, our window and door experts will be happy to assist you in finding the product you need from brands you trust, such as Truth Hardware.

Truth Hardware Remote Control for Sentry II WLS PART #

$275.62 USD

Truth Hardware Sentry II HS System Wall Switch PART # 12539

$260.13 USD

Top seller

Truth Hardware Sentry II WLS Control Box PART # 13024

$969.70 USD

Low E Coating Detector - Single Pane PART # T-790

$188.98 USD

Truth Hardware Control Pack for Marvel Skylight Operator PART #

$298.14 USD

Truth Hardware Remote of Marvel Skylight Operator PART #

$278.09 USD

Tin Side Detector PART # T-563

$401.32 USD

Glass-Chek ELITE Glass Analyzer - Glass & Air Space With Low E PART # T-551

$1,969.70 USD

Glass & Air Space Laser Guage PART # T-507

$385.87 USD

Truth Hardware Faceplate for WLS Control Box PART # 12488

$91.17 USD

Contact Meter For Low E Coatings PART # T-792

$136.60 USD

Bohle Insulating Glass Caliper - White PART # T-561

$129.55 USD

Tin Side Detector - Low-E Coating Detector PART # T-562

$231.22 USD

Truth Hardware Rain Sensor for Marvel Skylight Operator PART #

$178.10 USD

Replacement Scale for Glass Thickness Meter PART # T-788

$57.26 USD

Glass-Chek PRO Glass Analyzer PART # T-787

$1,681.82 USD

Switch for Marvel Skylight Operator PART # 45580

$79.68 USD

Digital Thermometer PART # T-796

$118.90 USD

Window Energy Profiler Sales Kit PART # T-791

$1,279.63 USD

Solar Gain Low E Coating Detector PART # T-789

$436.01 USD