Showcase Pull Handles, Finger Pulls and Knobs

As part of Reflect Window & Door’s collection of showcase and cabinet hardware, we offer a full line of Showcase Pull Handles, Finger Pulls & Knobs for your next installation, repair or replacement job. Browse our selection for showcase stick-on mirror pulls, sliding glass and panel door pulls, traditional style single-sided door knobs, mirror acrylic stick-on knobs & more, in stock and ready for quick shipping.

Showcase Stick-On Finger Pull PART # SH-103AL

$2.50 USD

Mirror Acrylic Stick-On 5" Pull PART # MHL-160

$28.14 USD

Mirror Acrylic Stick-On 1-3/4" Pull PART # MHL-158

$12.24 USD

Sliding Glass and Panel Door 3" Pull with 7/16" Lip PART # SH-106AL

From $10.12 USD

Strike Plate with a Finger Grip PART # SH-105BL

$2.25 USD

Mirror Acrylic Stick-On 1" Knob PART # MHL-159

$9.09 USD

Mirror Acrylic Stick-On 2" Round Pull PART # MHL-183

$19.44 USD

Showcase Threaded Finger Pull PART # SH-101CH

$12.51 USD

Showcase Snap-On Pull PART # SH-102

$4.80 USD

Clear Acrylic Finger Pull With Screw PART # SH-100

$2.07 USD

Clear Acrylic Whistle Pull PART # SH-163

$14.58 USD

Cylinder Style Single-Sided Knob PART # SH-162BR

From $16.79 USD

Mini Bulb Style Single-Sided Door Knob PART # SH-159BN

$20.25 USD

Sliding Glass or Panel Doors 1/2" Diameter Aluminum Knobs PART # SH-164BL

From $10.23 USD

Showcase Finger Pull End Cap PART # SH-148CH

$9.75 USD

Contemporary Style Single-Sided Knob PART # SH-161BR

From $21.14 USD