Mail Slots & Speaker Tubes

Reflect Window & Door offers a full line of Mail Slots & Speaker Tubes to keep your repair, replacement and maintenance jobs on track. Buy the commercial door accessories you need online today, including mail slots in aluminum, durondonic, black and brass, as well as speaker tubes in various sizes. Shop Mail Slots & Speaker Tubes and any other commercial door parts you need online today.


Top seller

Mail Slot - Duronodic PART # CH-309DU

$63.64 USD

Mail Slot - Aluminum PART # CH-309AL

$65.59 USD

Mail Slot - Brass Plated PART # CH-309BP

$65.59 USD

Mail Slot Extension Sleeve PART # CH-310

$44.20 USD

5-5/16" Speaker Tube PART # CH-313AL

$49.59 USD