Showcase Door Locks

Reflect Window & Door offers a full line of Showcase Door Locks to keep your repair, replacement and maintenance jobs on track. Buy the showcase and cabinet hardware you need online today, including showcase ratchet locks, showcase sliding glass door locks, gold stick-on showcase locks & more. Shop Showcase Door Locks and any other showcase cabinet door hardware you need online today.

Showcase Nickel Plated Track Plunger Lock PART # SH-181

$12.73 USD

Showcase Clamp-On Lock for 1/4" Double Glass Door PART # SH-221

$21.88 USD

Showcase Track Chrome Plunger Lock PART # SH-176

$15.77 USD

Stick-On Showcase Lock - Aluminum PART # SH-172

$37.30 USD

Showcase Sliding Glass Door Lock PART # SH-166

$14.70 USD

Showcase Through Glass Chrome Plunger Lock PART # SH-165

$41.46 USD

Showcase Universal Plunger Lock PART # SH-117

$15.33 USD

Showcase Sliding Glass Door "Tamper Proof" Lock with Standard Ratchet Bar PART # SH-168

$30.29 USD

Showcase 2" Track Plunger Lock PART # SH-119

$16.47 USD

Chrome Clamp-On Lock for 1/4" Double Glass Door - Keyed Alike PART # SH-221K

$21.88 USD

Showcase Ratchet Lock - Keyed Alike PART # SH-116K

$12.91 USD

Showcase Glass Lock PART # SH-169

$9.44 USD

Showcase Single Glass Black Chrome Door Lock PART # SH-183

$48.22 USD

Showcase Shoe Locks c/w Keys PART # SH-188

$50.01 USD

Showcase Single Glass Door Lock PART # SH-182

$55.87 USD

Showcase Sliding Glass Door Chrome Plated "Pick-Proof" Lock PART # SH-171

$38.00 USD

Keymatic Sliding Glass Showcase Door Ratchet Lock PART # SH-175

$193.15 USD

Bronze Stick-On Showcase Lock PART # SH-173

$45.14 USD

Showcase Single Glass Brass Door Lock PART # SH-184

$60.63 USD

Cam Lock for 3/8" Material PART # SH-114B

$12.00 USD

Track Plunger Lock - Key Blank PART # SH-119K

$5.37 USD

Showcase Cam Lock For 3/8" Material PART # SH-114

$22.00 USD

Showcase Ratchet Lock - Keyed Different PART # SH-116

$12.91 USD