Discover a wide selection of Olfa replacement parts online at Reflect Window and Door for any repair, replacement or maintenance job. Our Olfa selection includes replacement blades, auto lock knives & more. We have all the Olfa parts you need in stock and ready to ship.

OLFA 3/8" Replacement Blades - Carbon Tool Steel PART # T-346

$30.08 USD

OLFA 3/4" Replacement Blades -Heavy Duty PART # T-349

$36.96 USD

OLFA Auto Load HD Auto Lock Knife PART # T-354

$28.28 USD

OLFA Auto-Lock Stainless Steel Knife PART # T-355

$15.62 USD

Olfa 1" Replacement Blades - Extra Heavy Duty - 20 Pack PART # T-347

$32.59 USD

OLFA 3/8" Replacement Blades - Stainless Steel PART # T-352

$9.38 USD

OLFA 3/4" Replacement Blades - Heavy Duty PART # T-348

$10.12 USD