Polyflex Weatherstripping

Reflect Window & Door stocks and supplies an assortment of Polyflex Weatherstripping as part of our larger inventory of Weatherstripping & Door Sweeps. We offer Polyflex Weatherseals in various sizes, protecting against air infiltration and water penetration. Talk to our window and door experts if you need help finding the weatherstripping needed for your next installation, repair or replacement job.

Top seller

Polyflex .359" Weatherseal PART # WGR-128-8

$14.20 USD

Polyflex .453" Weatherseal PART # WGR-127-8

$15.15 USD

Polyflex Weatherseal PART # WGR-325-98

$16.22 USD

Kerf Inserted Flap Weatherstripping PART # WGR-391

$1.52 USD