How To Replace A Window Screen

Repairing a screenSpring is finally here – birds are singing, grass is growing, flowers are blooming. But whenever the warmer weather arrives, you know that flies, mosquitoes and other insects are not far behind. Before you pop open your windows to enjoy the fresh air, you’ll want to make sure your window screens are in tip-top shape!


Fortunately, replacing a damaged window screen is very easy, even if you’re not a seasoned do-it-yourselfer.


You will need:

Replacement Screening – There are a lot of options to choose from. Available materials include aluminum (durable but harder to work with), Fiberglass and polyester.  Some screening is manufactured to be pet-resistant or tightly woven (to keep out gnats and other tiny insects.) Most screening is available in several colors – black or charcoal reduces glare and gives you the clearest view of the outdoors.

Screening is sold by the roll and comes in various widths – make sure the screening you buy is wide enough for your window!
Tape measure
Utility knife and scissors (to cut the screening)
Screen spline – This is flexible cord that is rolled into a channel in your screen frame to hold the screening material in place.
It comes in several diameters – measure the width of the old spline or take a piece to the store to match it. When in doubt between two sizes, go with the wider spline – you can stretch it as you install it to make it thinner. If you choose spline that’s too thin it won’t hold the screen securely.
A screen roller, aka screen tool or spline tool – This is a tool with a roller on each end, used to fasten the screening to the window frame. One roller is rounded on the edge, the other has a groove in it.
A flat head screwdriver or other tool to pry up the old spline
Tape – to hold the screen material tightly in place while you secure it


Shop for replacement window screening and materials


  • Remove the screen frame from your window. Use the screwdriver to remove the old spline and screening from the screen frame.
  • Place the empty screen frame on a stable, flat surface, channel side up.
  • Measure and cut the new screen – unroll the screening on top of the frame, and cut it about 1” longer and wider than the frame.
  • Tape the ends of the screening to the screen frame to keep it from shifting while you work.
  • Using the rounded edge of your screen roller, push the screening into the channel on each side.
  • Using the roller with the grooved edge, work the spline into the channel on all 4 sides.
  • Use your utility knife to trim excess screening. Trim close to the spline for the neatest appearance.


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