Tips for Energy Efficient Windows and Doors

energy efficient windows Edmonton AlbertaToday more than ever, homeowners are concerned with energy efficiency. Rising energy costs make it financially wise for any household or business to consider optimizations to energy usage. Additionally, most people today also share a desire to help protect the environment by minimizing energy usage and waste.


If you’re looking for ways to be more efficient with your energy usage, your windows and doors are a great place to start. In many cases, a considerable amount of heat or cold can escape through windows and doors, and depending on your climate and temperature needs, this could be creating significant waste. If you haven’t upgraded your windows and doors for a while, you might have major opportunities to improve energy efficiency.


  • Seal the Gaps. A simple and obvious method for improving energy efficiency is sealing any gaps around windows and doors in your home or business. Adding weatherstipping to doors and windows is a pretty simple DIY project that doesn’t cost very much, and can really help to reduce waste.
  • Research Tax Credits. It’s true that quality, energy efficient windows and doors can sometimes be expensive. However, many governments offer tax credits on these home improvement projects, to help incentivize homeowners to implement these environmentally-friendly upgrades. Research the programs that your government offers, or consult a tax professional, to help understand the cost savings that might apply.
  • Do the Math. Another financial point to consider in improving your windows and doors is both the value added to your home, and the savings you may realize in energy costs. For example, a recent study by Remodeling Magazine showed that homeowners get a 78% ROI on window replacement projects. Combined with potentially hundreds of dollars in power savings each year, a careful financial analysis can help you understand the true costs and benefits of a window and door improvement.
  • Understand ENERGY STAR. Energy Star is an international agency devoted to setting standards for energy efficiency in consumer products. They are very active in rating windows and doors, and offer homeowners many useful resources for researching and understanding energy efficiency. Check out their guide to energy efficient window and doors for an introduction to the agency and their guidelines and tips.
  • Ask a Professional. Ultimately, to get the best advice on energy saving window and door products and installation techniques, you should consider asking your local window and door contractors for advice. Qualified experts will be able to advise you on the latest and most cost-effective products and energy savings techniques. Remember that professional window and door installation in general is usually the best method of ensuring your home is energy efficient.

These tips should be a good starting point for anyone looking to save money and protect the environment by reducing the energy consumption of their home or business. If you’re local to the Edmonton, Alberta area, the professional window and door experts at Reflect would be happy to help you understand window and door efficiency. Contact us today for a free window and door consultation.