4 Signs Your Windows Might Need Replacing

window replacement contractors edmonton ABHere at Reflect Window, we specialize in window replacement, repair, and installation. We’ve seen thousands of homes in need of new windows, and we’ve got a pretty clear idea of when and why homeowners need to consider window replacement.


Today’s modern window products are often durable, attractive, and long-lasting. However, even a great product doesn’t last forever. Windows face considerable pressures and stress from the elements and other factors, and eventually wear out and need to be replaced. If you’re not sure if you should replace your windows, check out the signs below to help make your decision.


You Feel Drafts Around Your Windows. This is a very common window problem, and something that many homeowners will experience. Do you feel drafts in your home, especially when near your windows? Do you feel cold or hot air flowing in? These are clear signs you’ve got a window problem, that could potentially be wasting lots of energy. Not all drafty windows need to be replaced – sometimes small fixes in weatherproofing can solve the issue.


There’s Condensation Between Window Panes. Double and triple pane windows often work by having an inert gas between the pieces of glass to help insulate from the elements. If you’re seeing condensation between the panes, this means the seal has been broken and the windows are not operating nearly as efficiently as they should be.


Your Windows Decrease Home Value. Sometimes it’s not about efficiency or functionality, but aesthetics. If your windows are old, ugly, or just worn-out looking, it might be time to replace them just for the improvement in your home’s looks. This is especially true if you’re thinking of selling your home soon. Windows are a very important part of your home’s overall look and feel, and adding new windows to a home can be a major improvement in value.


Your Home is too Noisy. Many people don’t think about the role windows play in insulating their homes from noise – but this is a really important window feature. Good modern windows with multiple panes of glass and correct installations should be very effective at blocking noise. If you find yourself annoyed and distracted by sounds outside, especially things like traffic sounds, consider a window upgrade.


These are just a few signs that it might be time to replace your windows. Although window replacement isn’t always the most fun project, it can be a great way to improve both the value of your home as well as your quality of life. If you’re located in Edmonton, Alberta or surrounding areas and would like to learn more about your window replacement options, the team at Reflect Window can help. Contact us today for a free window replacement consultation.