Door Hardware Trends for 2018 - 2019

Black door with brushed brass hardwareWant to spruce up your entranceway but not ready for a new door just yet? Updating your door hardware is a great way to freshen your home’s look and increase curb-appeal. Here are some of the trends we’ve been seeing recently:

Matte Black

If you look at some of the architectural design journals, black entrance door hardware with a matte finish is everywhere. Reminiscent of the Craftsman hardware of the early 1900’s, black matte door handles have an understated elegance and don’t show dirt or scratches. Black doors have also made a comeback this year. This seems to be a “love it or hate it” look.

Warm Brushed Metal

Another hot look is door hardware in warm metallic colors, with a brushed finish. Brass is back, but in a brushed brass, not your grandfather’s shiny polished brass.  So is nickel – warmer and more subdued than chrome.  Venetian Bronze is another look that’s still enjoying its day in the sun. Champagne gold satin had a brief moment of popularity a couple of years ago but that fad seems to be fading now.

Mixed Metals

Can’t decide between nickel or brass? Why not both? Chosen carefully, mixed metals complement each other for an eye-catching, modern look.

High Tech Secure Locks

While not a design feature, new locks with modern security features will help protect and add value to your home. Even the better makes of traditional “pin and tumbler” locks are subject to being picked by being “bumped” – opened by being forcefully hit with a special type of key.  Look for high-security cylinder locks that are labelled to meet ANSI/BHMS standards.  “Smart locks” are another option. However if you’re going to invest in a new lock, make sure your door frame and your door itself are up to snuff, so they don’t become the weak links in your home security!


Whether you need a new entrance door, replacement parts for a door or window, or just want to update your door hardware, Reflect Window and Door can help.  We sell a wide variety of door and window hardware and accessories online, and offer professional door and window repair and replacement services to clients in the Edmonton area. Give us a call to learn how we can help you!