4 Window Maintenance Tips to Keep Your Home Looking Beautiful

window maintenance edmonton albertaAt Reflect Window & Door, we provide professional window installation, replacement, repair, and many other window services to homeowners in Edmonton, Alberta and beyond. However, not all window projects need to be done by a professional.   There are many simple things homeowners can do to keep their windows attractive and functional. A little regular maintenance work can help extend the life of your home, reduce your energy bills, and prevent a costly window problem in the future.   In today’s blog post, the window and door experts at Reflect share four of the most effective tips for maintaining your windows. As you’ll see, you don’t need to be a DIY pro or spend a lot of money to keep your windows looking great.  
  • Check your windows every season. In general, home windows are exposed to stressful conditions and harsh elements. It’s important to do a thorough window inspection each season. You’ll want to check for any rot in wood windows, rust in metal windows, or any other obvious external damage. In double or triple pane windows, check for any signs of moisture between the panes. Moisture means the seals have failed, which will greatly reduce the energy conservation value of the windows. You should also plan to check all the moving parts of the window, and open each window all the way. Any mechanical issues or movement problems are likely to indicate some structural issue with the window, or a part that needs to be replaced.
  • Repaint your windows. Wood and metal window frames should be repainted every few years, depending on the harshness of your local climate and the current state of the paint. Repainting windows will help protect them from the elements, and can help to prevent rot and rust. Of course, newly painted windows also look much nicer and help to improve the overall appearance of your home.
  • Reseal your windows. Weathersripping and sealants are very effective techniques for improving the energy efficiency of windows, especially in older homes. However, these sealing procedures don’t last forever, and should be replaced at the first sign of damage or wear. Since sealing products are usually inexpensive, this is an easy repair and can yield substantial energy savings when done consistently.
  • Clean your windows. Most people will clean their windows just to maintain the attractiveness of their home and improve their views. However, cleaning your windows is an important part of maintenance as well. It is especially important to clean the window frame, casing, and nearby wall areas as well as the window glass. This will prevent buildup of dirt and debris, which can often contribute to window jams and other more serious issues.
As with many home improvement issues, a little regular maintenance can help to prevent serious long-term issues as well as keep your home looking beautiful. If you’re looking for more tips on window maintenance, or if you have a more serious window project to tackle, the team at Reflect Window & Door can help. Contact us today for a free window repair consultation.