4 Questions to Ask Your Window and Door Contractor

Edmonton AB window and door companyCongratulations on starting your new window or door improvement project! Whether you’re replacing a broken door, upgrading windows for improved energy efficiency, or looking to raise the value of your house, an upgrade to your windows and doors is a great home improvement project.   As you research the project, you’re sure to find many options for improving your doors and windows. Homeowners today have great flexibility to choose doors and windows that are the perfect fit for their homes, needs, and budgets. However, with so many choices available, you’ll have lots of questions.  

If you’re planning on hiring a window and door contractor, you should research your choices carefully.  Not all contractors offer the same level of service, and making the wrong choice can be a costly and frustrating problem. In today’s blog post, the window and door experts at Edmonton’s Reflect Window & Door offer a few questions you should ask before hiring a contractor for your window or door project.

How long has your company been in business?

Longevity is one of the most important tests of a contractor’s quality and reliability. Choosing a firm that’s been in business in the same area for many years is a great way to ensure you’re choosing an experienced and trustworthy company. That doesn’t mean you should always rule out newer businesses, but you should understand that a younger contracting business is usually a riskier choice.  

What window and door products do you suggest?

With so many products in the market, a good contractor should help you find the right window and doors for your needs. You should look for a range of options that suit your budget and priorities. Getting a range of suggested products will help you understand the market and make an informed decision. You’ll also be able to assess the contractor’s experience based on their familiarity with window and door products, and how closely their suggestions match your stated needs.  

How will my product choices impact energy usage?

These days, homeowners increasingly understand the important impact windows and doors have on energy consumption. Both for the cost savings as well as the environmental impact, you should ask for help from your window and door contractor in understanding the energy implications of your various window and door options. Make sure your contractor explains the costs and benefits clearly, and that they understand the issue well.  

Can we see examples of your past window and door installations?

Seeing real examples of previous window and door projects, and getting references from past customers, is a powerful tool for selecting a competent contractor. Be wary of any company that can’t show examples of past work or provide references - they may be inexperienced. Beyond that, seeing past work examples will help make sure the contractor is a good fit for your personal preferences, design aesthetic, and the overall size of the job.


We hope these questions will help you make the right decision when selecting a window and door contractor. If you’re located in the Edmonton, Alberta region, Reflect Window & Door would be happy to consult with you further about your window and door project. Please contact us today for a free window and door estimate.