Tremco 440 Tape - Preformed Sealant Tape

Tremco 440 Tape – How to Get the Most from Tremco’s Polysobutylene Cross-Linked Butyl Sealant

Sealing non-compression glazing systems and lap sealing panels has never been faster and easier than with 440 Tape from Tremco. It doesn’t degrade in ultraviolet light, stays flexible at low temperatures, won’t bubble, crack or lose adhesiveness when exposed to the elements, so you know it’ll last. It’s the sealant tape trusted by professionals around the world and now you can benefit from it, too.

Choosing Tremco 440 Tape for Your Next Project

Tremco designed its 440 Tape to work flawlessly with non-compression glazing systems including PVC, metal and wood framed spandrel panels in low-rise building construction. It’s also ideal for vision lites, lap sealing between steel, aluminum and porcelain panels and other joints. It works for joints made of the same substances and has enough strength and diversity to take care of joints made of dissimilar materials as well.

While Tremco 440 Tape is a fantastic product, it does have a few limitations. First, it should never be used on joints that will be repeatedly submersed in water or exposed temperatures over 70 degrees Celsius. You should also avoid using it with lites over 1905 mm (75 united inches), which require a high performance glazing system such as POLYshim II Tape. Tremco’s 440 Tape should also be compatible with most sealants. Before using it with another product, however, you should always doing a field test.

Preparing the Surfaces and Applying 440 Tape From Tremco

Before applying 440 Tape, you must prepare the joints. Make sure they’re stable, solid and square. Everything should be fully adjusted and tested for fit. Next, remove any dirt, debris or contamination from the surfaces, which can be done with a wire brush, sandblaster, grinder or solvent. Butt and mitre joints should be already sealed. And the windows should be fully adjusted and closed.

To install Tremco 440 Tape, you’ll need to cut four lengths of tape — two opposite sides cut to the exact size and the opposing two sides cut one inch larger than the exact size when using 1/2″ wide tape. (You’ll need an extra 3/4″ instead of 1/2″ if you’ll be using 3/8″ tape.) Then, place the strip 1/32″ below the stop sight line and begin placing the tape. When two pieces of tape meet, line them up flush without overlapping. Then, use a tool or coin and a 6″ bead of the appropriate sealant to complete the seal in the corners. Just be aware that Tremco’s 440 Tape does have some limitations.

The 440 Tape from Tremco should never be used on joints that will be consistently immersed in water or exposed to temperatures greater than 70 degrees Celsius. You should also avoid using it with lites that measure more than 75 united in or 1905 mm. Glazing systems of that size will perform much better with a high performance product such as POLYshim II Tape.

Tremco’s 440 Polyisobutylene Preformed Sealant Tape can be applied in temperatures ranging from 7 degrees to 49 degrees. It can be stored for one year without affecting the quality of the tape, is available in aluminum and black and is compatible with most sealants, so it’s easy to use in almost any project. If you have any questions, require more information, or are ready to order Tremco 440 Tape for your next project, don’t hesitate to contact Reflect Window and Door.