5 Benefits of Storm Doors

Storm doors serve as an extra barrier to the outdoor elements, critical for your home’s comfort and safety. Storm doors are a second door to the main entry door, which serves to protect the home during harsh weather and can provide ventilation in moderate weather conditions.

Like all doors, storm door come in all sizes and styles. If you’re thinking of replacing or adding a storm door to your home, read on for our 5 benefits to installing a storm door to the entryway of your home.

  1. Protects the Home from Outdoor Elements

This is the most common reason for installing a storm door to your home. Keep the harsh weather such as rain, ice, and snow from causing damage to your entryway door by installing a storm door as an extra layer of protection.

  1. Keeps Out Bugs

For the days during spring and summer, and even early fall when the weather is nice enough to let the breeze in, storm doors will allow for a pleasant breeze without the pesky insects that come inside with it. Storm doors allow you to keep your front door open without getting bit by mosquitos and swatting flies.

  1. Proper Ventilation

Especially if your home is in need of better insulation due to a lack of windows, storm doors provide another opening for air circulation. Your home benefits from natural airflow, and storm doors can provide that benefit.

  1. Improves Energy Efficiency

We’re all looking for more sustainable ways of living, and storm doors can improve the energy efficiency of your home. Storm doors keep your home properly sealed, which keeps the warm or cool air inside and lets the HVAC system do its job without having to work overtime.

  1. Natural Light and Outdoor Views

Storm doors can add more natural light to the home while providing outdoor views otherwise not seen when the front door is shut. When more privacy is needed, the storm door can be shut at any time. There are also different types of storm doors for different outdoor view preferences vs. privacy preferences.


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