Guide to Choosing the Right Shower Door Replacement

Shower doors create a stylish solution to protecting water from reaching the floor beside your shower. Shower doors offer privacy, easy access to the shower and a tight seal to keep water and condensation inside the shower.

When it’s time for shower door replacement, whether for aesthetic or more practical reasons, follow this guide for inspiration in choosing the right shower door for your bathroom.

There are three main components to choosing the right shower door replacement; shower door design, shower door hardware and type of glass.

Shower Door Design

There are a variety of shower doors to choose from when replacing your shower doors for a remodel or when building a new home. Frameless, framed, semi-frameless, hinged, and sliding shower doors are some examples of shower doors design options.

Keep in mind walk-in showers come in various shapes to fit the existing layout of your bathroom. Walk-in showers can fit into most bathroom corners, in shapes like round, rectangular, and square, or fit into stand-alone stalls. There’s also the option of bathtub showers, where shower doors can be placed outside of the bathtub shower instead of going the walk-in shower route.

Shower Door Hardware

Shower door hardware is another huge decision to make when replacing your shower doors. Reflect Window & Door carries shower door parts in addition to repair and replacement door hardware and accessories including shower door rollers, pull handles, knobs, hinges, brackets, sweeps, seals, adhesive tapes and track guides for hinged and folding bathroom shower doors plus mirror and glass sliding shower doors.

Type of Glass

Last but not least, you will need to choose the right type of glass for your shower door replacement. Options include clear, textured, frosted, and patterned glass, and what you choose will depend entirely on your style preferences.

Thickness is another factor to consider when choosing shower door replacement glass. The thicker the glass, the more stable the shower door will be. Frameless shower doors should contain at least 3/8” of thickness but ideally about ½” thick glass.


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