Benefits of Having a Skylight in Your Home or Business

Skylights are the perfect opportunity to add natural light to your space, whether it’s your residential home or commercial business. Not only does adding a skylight to a space make it more sustainable, it also adds style, ventilation, provides various health benefits and it’s a simple way of adding privacy to rooms without sacrificing natural sunlight.

What Are Skylights?

Skylights are windows set into the roofline of a structure at the same angle as the roof. Skylights can make rooms look larger, for example in entryways, living rooms or kitchens in residential homes or offices in commercial buildings. There are a variety of styles of skylights to choose from:

  • Fixed Skylights
  • Ventilated Skylights
  • Tubular Skylights
  • Tilt Window Skylights

    Benefits of Installing Skylights

    Skylights have many purposes and benefits, which attract homeowners and business owners to add them to their spaces. Below are some examples of why skylight installation might be right for your space.

    1. Natural Light

    The most obvious benefit of installing a skylight is the natural light it provides. Installing a skylight in your home can increase the value of the home, simply because it’s a desirable feature that lightens up the space, makes the room look larger and overall makes the space more inviting.

    1. Health Benefits

    Health benefits associated with skylights include more access to Vitamin D, which can improve your mood and energy, protect your bones, protect against respiratory infections, strengthen your muscles and support the immune system.

    1. Ventilation

    Ventilated skylights can help get rid of the hot air that naturally rises. With ventilated skylights, homeowners or business owners can help circulate and cool the air in a room during warmer months of the year. Ventilated skylights are perfect for rooms with high humidity and moisture, such as bathrooms or kitchens.

    1. Sustainable

    Skylights are sustainable in that they can reduce your electric bill by using the natural sunlight to illuminate your space instead of electric lighting. Skylights are also eco-friendly in that they will reduce your carbon footprint by cutting back on the use of artificial light.

    1. Style

    There’s no arguing that skylights provide an aesthetically pleasing look to any space. They can make even the smallest spaces appear larger and invoke a sense of peacefulness during the daytime while the sun is shining through. You’re more likely to be drawn to a room with a skylight than one without.

    1. Privacy

    Skylights can provide privacy without having to sacrifice on natural light. For example, if your home or business is built close to another structure, skylights can offer light without anyone being able to see inside.


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