DORMA 7400 Series Door Closers from Reflect Window and Door

DORMA 7400 Series Door Closers – Flexible, Reliable Door Control Available at Reflect Window & Door

The 7400 Series door closers from DORMA offer construction professionals and building owners flexible and adjustable door control. They’re quick and easy to install despite their many options, and they look fantastic in a variety of applications. This compact design offers an adjustable backcheck and constant closing speed. They’re ideal for hollow metal, aluminum and wood door applications.

DORMA 7400 Series Door Closers – Flexible, Reliable Door Control in Minutes

The 7400 Series door closers from DORMA come with a ton of different options to meet a range of unique needs. For example, the 7414 door closer has spring sizes ranging from 1 to 4, which meets the 5 lb interior barrier-free requirements. (For 8.5 lb or less on exterior doors without the closer attached, you’ll require 1lb or less of opening force.) For something a bit heavier, try the 7436 with spring sizes ranging from 3 to 6. And both closers are available in aluminum, bronze, gold and black as well as custom and designer colours. You simply need to let Reflect Window & Door know what you need when you order.

With the 7400 Series, you can have delayed action for a maximum opening of approximately 65%. Each comes with a selective single point hold open that ranges from 80 to 170 degrees for regular mount or 70 to 175 degrees for parallel arm mount applications. You can choose between sex nuts and machine screws for a 3/4″ or 3/8″ door. They can also be ordered with self-tapping screws for aluminum applications, self-drilling screws for metal applications, or TORX security fasteners for situations where you need added security.

What You Need to Know About 7400 Series DORMA Door Closers

The 7400 Series Grade 1 hydraulic surface door closer line may be flexible, but they can meet the demands of almost any project. Each model is CSFM approved, UL/CUL listed, ANSI/BHMA A156.4 Grade 1 certified and meet sUL10C for positive pressure. They’re available in several standard sprayed finishes including aluminum, bronze, gold and black, and they can be special ordered in numerous other finishes and colours. They can also be shipped with a slim plastic cover, a full plastic cover or a full plastic slotted cover.

Not all features are available on all models, but you can simplify installation. DORMA offers numerous back plates, drop plates, brackets, spacers and other accessories to make your job easier. You will need 1 3/4″ to 4 5/8″ of door surface to mount a 7400 Series door closer depending on how you choose to mount the closer and the type of door you’ll be working with.

DORMA 7400 Series hydraulic surface door closers can be easily set and adjusted. They’re easy to install and withstand the effects of heavy use. Use quality door closers in your next project. Contact Reflect Window and Door today!