5 Misconceptions About Impact Windows

Impact windows can prevent expensive storm damage by protecting against high winds and harsh weather conditions. While you’re more likely to know the importance of impact windows when it comes to protecting window glass if your area is prone to hurricanes, everyone should understand the true value of impact windows.

Impact windows are the best form of protection for your home and property from damage caused by hurricanes, tornados, or high winds. However, there are many misconceptions surrounding impact and hurricane glass windows out there. Below are the top five misconceptions, including rebuttals for each.

  1. Impact Windows are Too Expensive

Homeowners believing impact windows are too expensive is probably the biggest misconception regarding impact windows. The truth is that impact windows are less expensive than some other types of storm protection measures. Impact windows are a one-time purchase and can offer more protection than any other type of window impact protection, providing more peace of mind and requiring no pre-storm prep efforts.

  1. Impact Windows are All the Same

Impact windows are not a one size fits all, there are different styles and ratings to choose from, ranging in how much protection they offer. You’ve probably heard the terms hurricane window and impact window. To be considered a hurricane window, the windows must provide a certain level of resistance to heavy winds. On the other hand, an impact window will not only provide wind resistance but also be able to withstand impact.

  1. Impact Windows are Only for Looks or Not Appealing

We’ve heard both of these contradictory statements. Some believe impact windows are only used for looks, and some believe they’re too bulky or unappealing. The bottom line is that while they do look like any other window, the way the impact windows look is much less of a concern than how they operate. The main purpose of impact windows is to protect your home against flying debris or heavy winds that can shatter the window and cause major damage to the home.

  1. Impact Windows are More Difficult to Install

Another misconception about impact windows is that they’re more difficult to install than non-impact windows. Though this is not true, impact windows are also not for DIY. Many manufacturers won’t accept the warranty if a window specialist did not install your impact windows. The special impact glass that provides protection does not impact the way the impact windows are installed.

  1. Impact Windows Provide Less Style Options

Our last misconception surrounding impact windows is that there are limited window style options to choose from. Just as non-impact windows have various styles, including awning, casement, hung and more, impact windows come in all the same design styles.


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