How to Protect Your Doors in the Cold Winter Weather


If not properly winterized, the cold temperatures and conditions during the winter can wreak havoc on our homes. A good example of a home feature in need of winterizing are our doors; whether it be entry doors, French doors, garden doors or patio doors.

With winter, comes extreme weather like rain, snow, wind or just overall colder temperatures. With time, these extreme weather conditions start to tear away at our doors. To protect our doors from the cold winter weather, it’s important that the cold weather and moisture stays outside, while the warm air stays inside by taking the necessary steps to seal and insulate them thoroughly.

Doors are more than just the entry and exit point of the home, or a visually appealing structure to make the exterior look nicer. They’re the barrier between the cold outdoors and the warm and cozy indoors. Below are our tips on how to protect doors in the cold of winter.


Sealing gaps around the sides of your doors is a great way to protect them in the winter. The cold winter weather will surely make its way inside through gaps that are unsealed. Look for sealing strips and door sweeps to adequately seal your doors in the winter, which will not only protect against the cold weather and moisture, but it will also save money on heating the house.


Door weatherstripping is the best way to insulate your doors in the winter. Insulation provides an extra barrier of protection from the inside out. If leaks are detected, extra weatherstripping should be used or it might be time for replacement door weatherstripping. Apply the weatherstripping along the door frame but make sure the door can shut all the way.

Increase Humidity

Dry air in the wintertime can take moisture from your doors and impact the frame, so increasing humidity inside the house is another tip to protect doors in the winter. Investing in a humidifier is a good way to keep your home’s moisture at a constant level. This not only protects doors, but it’s good for your health because it increases air quality.

Lubricate Locks, Hinges & Tracks

Extra lubrication on the door locks, hinges and tracks will keep all your door parts working properly. Locks can freeze without lubrication, while the hinges and tracks should be protected against the cold weather causing the steel to shrink.


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