5 Signs It’s Time to Replace your Windows

No matter how high the quality they are, eventually all windows will need replacement at some point or another.

Over time, you will notice your windows start to show signs of wear and tear. This could be from the outdoor elements, improper installation, or even high window usage. No matter which factors impact to your windows’ lifespan, here are five signs to look out for that will alert you to needing window replacements.

  1. High Energy Bill

Faulty or drafty windows will cause air to escape from your windows, which makes them ineffective and will cause your energy bill to increase. If drafts escape from your windows during the winter, it takes the interior warm air with it and causes your heating system to work overtime to warm up your house again. In the summer, window air leaks will let the cool air out.

  1. Storm Damage

If your local area just had a big storm, this is a good time to check your windows for any signs of damage caused by extreme weather conditions. High winds can cause cracks in the glass or frames of the window, which will need replacement right away. If your area is prone to storms, look for windows that can withstand extreme weather.

  1. Signs of Aging

The worn appearance of your windows is one of the most obvious signs that your windows need to be replaced. If your windows are starting to look weathered and old, this could be contributed to normal wear and tear and deterioration over time. Well-maintained, high-quality windows can last up to 20 years, but all windows have a shelf life.

  1. Leaking or Condensation

Finding moisture and condensation on your windows is common, but excessive condensation building up on your window panes is a warning sign window replacement is near. If your windows are leaking, the moisture can damage the window frame by rotting it or creating mold.

  1. No Sound Barrier

If the inside of your house is extra loud and you can hear all noises from the street almost as if you were standing outside, this is a good indication window replacement is needed. If the windows are no longer acting as an effective sound barrier, the glass is no longer providing sufficient insulation.


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