How Windows and Doors Play a Role in your Home’s Energy Efficiency


Windows and doors act as a barrier between the weather elements of the outdoor environment to the comfortable interior of our homes. If our doors and windows aren’t effective at keeping the outdoor elements outside, this will impact your home’s overall energy efficiency.

Home is where the heart is, where we expect a comfortable and inviting environment. It’s where we return day after day, after a long day’s work or a trip out of town. Our windows and doors play a big part of the level of comfort the interior of our homes provide us, and below we will outline the factors that play a role in windows and doors making our homes more energy efficient.

Window Replacement

Knowing when to update or replace your windows can impact the overall energy efficiency of your home. Staying on top of the energy efficiency of your home starts with your doors and windows, because this is where heat or AC loss can occur.

Energy Efficient Windows and Doors

Not all windows and doors are energy efficient, but true energy efficient windows and doors will reduce the total amount of household energy consumption. As an added benefit, this directly correlates to saving money on your energy bills. The energy efficiency of your windows and doors is measured by their R-Value.

Temperature Control

Your windows and doors should regulate the temperature and humidity inside your home. Doors are the entry and exit points of the home, while windows allow for ventilation and views to the outdoors. We now how important windows and doors are to a home aesthetically, but the way they control the temperatures inside is also a large part of their significance.


Weatherstripping stops the outdoor elements from getting inside the home, providing an airtight seal around your windows and doors. This addition to your windows and doors will make your home more energy efficient because it will protect against any air leaks that might form over time.


The right window glass will slow thermal transfer and insulate your home better. When looking for the right energy efficient windows for your home, the type of window glass chosen will make a big impact on the energy efficiency of your home.


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