5 Tips for an Insect Free Home

House fly on window sillSummer – time to open the windows and enjoy the fresh air. But sometimes, along with that fresh air Edmonton residents find themselves being visited by a bunch of unwanted visitors that weren’t around during the winter.  Ants, midges, carpet beetles, mosquitos, even yellowjackets can make their way into your home and make things unpleasant for the whole family.

Here are five tips for keeping these (and other annoying insects) out of your home this summer:

1) Install, repair or replace window and door screens and seals – The best defense against flying insects in your home are properly fitting window and door screens and seals in good repair.  You may be able to replace a torn window screen or some weatherstripping around your door yourself, but for bigger projects or the peace of mind of a job done right, contact a professional window and door service for help.

2) Caulk cracks in walls and around window / door frames - Other common places where insects make their way into your home are those little cracks in walls and around window and door frames. Make sure these are sealed up with caulk.

3) Install a screen or valve on vents to the outside, like dryer vents - Bugs can get in through vents too. If  possible, install a screen or a valve on your dryer vent.

These three measures will go a long way towards keeping insects out. Our two other will help you keep from attracting them in the first place:

4) Practice good housekeeping habits - Tempting as it may be, summer is not a time to slack off on the housekeeping. Clean food spills promptly, vacuum cracks and crevices, especially in storage areas, heat and a/c registers, window sills, light fixtures, and along baseboards.

5) Tie up trash securely outside and cover all trash cans inside and out - The scent of food waste draws ants and yellow jacket wasps like a magnet. Make sure that everything is well covered and full bags of trash are tied tightly shut. Rinse soda cans and bottles and any other containers that had sugary contents before throwing them in your trash or recycling bins.

Need help with window or door screen repair in Edmonton or the surrounding area? Give the pros at Reflect Window a call for a free estimate!  With decades of experience, our window and door experts will get the job done right so that you can kick back and enjoy the rest of your summer.