Freshen Your Home's Curb Appeal for Spring

House with a red door and lots of curb appeal Curb appeal – your home’s “first impression” – is important, whether you’re selling your home or just take pride in it looking its very best.  What better time than the beginning of spring to clean up and spruce up your home’s exterior appearance!

Here are six tips for 2019 from Reflect Window and Door:

Enhance your front door – Colorful entrance doors are popping up everywhere these days! Paint your front door a bold contrasting color to accent your home.

Prefer something a little more subtle? Change your door hardware or just hang a pretty spring wreath.

Decorate your porch – It’s still a little chilly for plants to be living outside in most places, but once the danger of frost is past try adding an arrangement of potted plants on your porch.

Buy a new door mat – Door mats, by design, never have a long lifespan. If your door mat is looking a bit tatty, swap it out for a fresh new one.

Get an early start on lawn care – Lawn looking a little patchy? Spring is the best time to reseed or sod your lawn. If you have shrubbery that needs trimming back or weeds to remove, the earlier you can start the better. This is a much easier job before everything starts to grow.

Clean your windows and siding – Snow may look clean, but winter always leaves grime behind on siding and window surfaces. Once the weather’s warm enough, clean your outside windows and power wash your siding – or hire someone to do it for you.

Windows – Speaking of windows, how are yours looking? Now’s the time to schedule repair or replacement of any old, damaged or leaking windows.  If your windows are in good shape, adding shutters – either functional or decorative – can brighten or change up your home’s overall appearance. Consider adding shutters in a contrasting color to your home’s exterior


Need some help repairing or replacing those windows?  Give Reflect Window a call! Our window and door experts have been serving Canadian homes and businesses in the greater Edmonton area for over 30 years. For the do-it-yourselfer, we carry a full selection of door and window replacement parts and hardware. Shop online or contact our helpful sales staff to find the part you need!