Tremco Gutter Seal - Premium Elastomeric Sealant for Eavestroughs

Tremco Gutter Seal - What You Need to Know About the Gutter Sealing Elastomeric Sealant From Tremco

The force and ability of water to wear away substances makes leaky gutters and downspouts a tricky problem. And if you fix it with the wrong sealant, you could find yourself on a ladder every time it rains. Avoid these issues with Tremco's Gutter Seal. This sealant contains a specialized, high-quality blend of resin and synthetic rubber to give eavestroughing a long-lasting seal and extend the life of your next roofing or rainwater project.

Seal Gutters and Rainwater Systems Perfectly Every Time With Tremco Gutter Seal

Available in 300 ml cartridges (white, brown or clear in colour), Tremco's Gutter Seal has been specifically formulated to meet the unique demands of metal and plastic rainwater applications. To prepare the metal-to-metal or metal-to-plastic joints, use a wire brush, grinder or solvent to remove contaminants or debris and make sure each seam or joint is solid. Then, cut the end to get a bead size that is 3/4" or less. (Tremco recommends a joint size of 3/4" x 3/8" if it's rectangular and 3/4" x 3/4" if it is angular.)
Next, apply Gutter Seal with conventional caulking equipment using firm, steady pressure to get adequate adhesion along both materials. (While some professionals will use their fingers to manipulate the sealant, dry tooling is recommended.) Tremco Gutter Seal should form a skin in approximately 10 minutes and be tack-free in 30 minutes in 24 degree weather with a humidity level of 50%. However, be aware that significant changes in temperature or humidity can greatly affect the drying time.

Tremco Gutter Seal Cleanup and Repairs

When applying Gutter Seal from Tremco, tools and excess sealant should be cleaned as soon as possible with Xylol or Toluol. If applied properly, Tremco Gutter Seal should last for a long time. If it does start to leak, however, it is easy to repair. First, make sure you'll have at least 24 hours without rain. Then, clean the gutter and remove any existing caulking by heating it and scraping it off. (You can use a wire brush or small grinder to make sure the area is clean and free of debris.) You can then finish up by applying fresh sealant and tooling it into the seam.
Provided you apply the sealant to a clean area that doesn't move or expand more than 20%, Tremco Gutter Seal will keep your eavestroughs and rainwater systems free of leaks. It will remain flexible and continue to adhere to the materials even in the coldest weather.
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