Tremco POLYshim II Tape - Easily Seal Compression Glazing Systems

Using Tremco POLYshim II Tape on Compression Glazing Systems

For glazing curtain wall, unitized curtain walls, sloped glazing systems, punched/ribbon window systems and other compression glazing systems, there’s nothing better than POLYshim II Tape from Tremco. It is an elastic and highly adhesive cross-linked butyl rubber tape with a continuous integral EPDM shim. And it will maintain its adhesiveness even after prolonged exposure to the elements. Best of all, it’s easy to work with.

What You Need to Know About Tremco POLYshim II Tape

Created specifically for glazing curtain walls, curtain wall units, punched / ribbon window systems, slope glazing and compression glazing systems, Tremco POLYshim II Tape is a cross-linked butyl preformed tape with high adhesion, elasticity and a continuous EPDM shim. It resists heat, cold temperatures and the sun, which means there will be no sagging, weeping or staining and it will keep its adhesiveness.

Available in black and bronze, it comes in five different thicknesses:

3.81 mm with a 1/8″ diameter shim
5.46 mm with a 3/15″ diameter shim
7.11 mm with a 1/4″ shim
2.29 mm with a 1/16″ shim
3.18 mm with a 1/16″ shim

And so long as it’s stored below 27 degrees Celsius, you can store POLYshim II Tape for up to two years without worrying about the quality.

Applying POLYshim II Tape From Tremco

Tremco has made their butyl tape easy to install in almost any compression system. First, you’ll need to prepare the surface. Everything should be square, plumb, solid and free of any debris or contaminants. (You can clean the area easily with solvent or a wire brush.) You should also make sure any butt or mitre joints are sealed. The window must fully operational and closed.

To start the installation, cut four lengths of tape to the appropriate length. The first two opposite sides should be cut to the exact dimension. The other two opposing sides should be cut one inch larger than the exact dimension if you’ll be using 1/2″ wide tape. (You’ll need an extra 3/4″ on these two pieces if you use 3/8″ tape.) Then, place the strip 1/32″ below the stop sight line.

For vertical sash butt joints, start taping the head and sill to seal the sash first. If you’re working with a horizontal sash butt joint, apply the tape to the jambs first to seal the sash. If you’ll be using it to seal vertical mullions, use a narrower tape and place those pieces first before installing the wider tape (which you’ll need to cut 1/8″ longer than the original dimension) and place the pieces between the narrow tape while avoiding overlaps.

Make sure to butt the ends of the tape together without overlapping them. You can then use a tool or coin and a bit of Spectrem 2 Silicone Sealant to complete the seal. (Spectrem 2 can also be used to create a continuous heel bead.) Set up your EPDM setting blocks or Poly-Wej gasket and complete the installation by pressing firmly against the tape.

To ensure your project goes well without any issues, don’t use Tremco POLYshim II Tape for anything it wasn’t intended for. For example, this tape should not be used for joints that will be repeatedly immersed in water or exposed to temperatures exceeding 93 degrees Celsius. You should also test any sealants you use before applying them to your project to make sure they’re compatible with the materials, primer (if you used any) and other sealants. Set blocks should also be bedded in the sealant if you’re using a continuous toe or heel bead to avoid harming the seal. (Edge blocking will keep the lite from moving.) And don’t forget to follow the proper safety procedures.

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