Tremco Tremflex 834 Siliconized Acrylic Latex Sealant for Interiors

Using Tremco’s Tremflex 834 Siliconized Acrylic Latex Sealant – Get the Most From Your Tremco Sealant

If you’re in need of a fast-setting acrylic latex sealant that does a great job on general interior and exterior projects, look no farther than Tremflex 834 by Tremco. It works well as a back bedding glazing compound or an acoustic seal in building interiors. It also seal faucets, vinyl, aluminum and wood sidings. It guns easily, won’t stain and it keeps its superior flexibility even after it has fully cured. And it’s quick and easy to use giving you more time to work on the other areas of the project and reduce your turnaround time.

Tremco Tremflex 834 and Your Project

Tremflex 834 by Tremco works on almost any vertical or horizontal joint on an interior or exterior application that is at least 1/4″ wide and four times the width of the joint’s anticipated movement. It’s tack-free in 15 minutes and ready to paint with oil or latex paint in just 30 – 45 minutes. (It dries at a rate of 1/8″ per day at room temperature with 50% humidity.)


It won’t crack or lose its adhesiveness in cold temperatures. And if it’s quiet you’re after, Tremflex 834 reduces sound transmissions when used in partition walls. It is compatible with air barrier, so it will work perfectly with ExoAir Air Barrier systems and compatible with the SBS side of self-adhering air barrier membranes. It can also be used in fire proofing systems in non-load bearing walls.


Tremco’s Tremflex 834 comes in three colours (clear, limestone and white) and three different sized packages (300 ml cartridges, 600 ml sausages and 5 gallon (18.9 L) pails). In terms of coverage, one 300 ml cartridge does 35 linear feet of 1/4″ x 1/4″ bead, so it’s easy to figure out how much you’ll need. The professionals at Reflect Window and Door can help with that, too.


Preparing Joints and Tips for Applying Tremco’s Tremflex 834


Tremflex works with conventional caulking equipment, but you can’t just load and go. You’ll need to prepare the surfaces and materials for a quality seal. Any joint you apply Tremflex 834 to should be sound, clean and dry. Remove any contaminants such as waterproofing, loose mortar or paint with a wire brush, sandblasting equipment or grinder. Solvent can help remove any unwanted finishes. The surface temperature should also be at least 5 degrees Celsius or above to ensure the sealant adheres properly to the joint.


Next, install joint backing to control the bead depth and prevent the sealant from adhering to the back of the joint. To do this, you can use a closed cell or reticulated polyethylene backer rod. If the joint is too narrow, however, you can use bond breaker tape (adhesive backed polyethylene tape). Tremflex 834 doesn’t generally require primer to adhere to most construction materials. However, you should do a field test or mock-up to make sure the sealant will stick properly to the joint even if you do decide to use a primer. When you’re done, let everything dry and check to make sure it’s solid and secure before applying the sealant.


Tremco Tremflex 834 makes it easy to create fillet or angle beads around the perimeter of your doors and windows. All you need is at least 1/4″ of material on each side to work with. Expansion joint beads should be at least 1/4″ by 1/4″. For joints up to 1/2″ wide, the bead depth should be equal to its width. Anything ranging in size from 1/2″ to 1″ should have a bead depth equal to half the joint width. However, sealant beads created with Tremflex 834 should never be more than 1/2″ thick in any direction. (If you’ll be dealing with joints larger than 1″, contact the professionals at Reflect Window and Door for more information.)


Start creating a bead at the bottom of the joint and work your way up. As you go, use a dry spatula to make sure the sealant makes full contact with both sides. (If it needs a little help, you can use a bit of water on the spatula, but it usually isn’t necessary.) To clean up, wash your tools and remove any excess sealant with a bit of soapy water.


Tremco Tremflex 834 is a superior sealant for many different interior and exterior applications. This means you don’t need to buy several different sealants for each task. Tremflex cleans up easily without needing solvents or special cleaning tools.

And getting more information or ordering Tremco Tremflex 834 for your next project is easy, too. Just contact Reflect Window and Door.