4 Window & Door Security Tips to Help Secure Your Home

window and door home security tips As a homeowner, you know that nothing is more important than creating a safe and secure home for your family. However, it’s also important that you feel comfortable and relaxed in your home, and that your home security measures don’t impact the appearance or enjoyment of your house.


At Reflect Window & Door, we’ve been helping families like yours for decades, and we know the challenges of securing your residential window and doors, while still keeping your home looking beautiful and welcoming. You want to feel safe, but not like you’re living in lockdown.


Fortunately, there are many window and door security products and techniques that can help you achieve this balance between safety and enjoyment. In today’s blog post, the window and door security experts at Reflect Window have assembled 5 tips for keeping your home safe.


  • Secure Your Sliding Glass Doors. For many homes, a sliding glass door or patio door is the weakest point in overall security. Although a glass door will never be as secure as a solid wood or metal door, investing in a patio door made from thnk, reinforced glass is a major improvement. This is one area where a higher-quality product is very important. Additionally, make sure you’re locking sliding glass doors effectively. A security bar or wooden dowel in the door track is essential. Finally, strongly consider adding curtains inside, to help protect your family’s privacy.
  • Upgrade Your Locks. When working to improve your home security, you have many options for new products and upgrades. However, the most important place to start is probably your locks. Every door should have a quality deadbolt, with at least a 1 inch bar and a grade 1 ANSI certification. Of course, windows should be locked as well. Sliding windows are easy to lock – a dowel or bar in the track will work, as long as it is tight. Casement windows usually work with latch locks. These will usually be secure, but larger windows should have two latches to keep the lock tight.
  • Window Bars Don’t Have to be Ugly. The truth is that ground-level windows will always be a security weakness. Regardless of how good your window locks, a burglar can simply smash the window. And although not every home needs window security bars, if you’re in a high-risk area, you should strongly consider the option. Fortunately, window bars don’t have to be ugly, obtrusive iron beams. Many companies make attractive and inviting window security bars that offer real security without a huge compromise in appearance. Ask your local window and door contractor, and you’re sure to find an attractive option.
  • Cover the Basics. Before you start investing in expensive new security products or extensive upgrades, understand that most home burglaries are crimes of opportunity. You can take simple, basic steps that will help deter casual crimes. Firstly, at least ensure that every window and door in your home has a working and solid lock. Establish a routine to always lock your windows and doors at night and when leaving, and be sure your family also follows this routine. Think about who might have copies of your house keys, and consider changing your locks if needed. Remove any bushes or other obstructions around windows and doors that might allow a thief to hide. These and similar basic home security practices should be your first steps to home security.

These are just a few simple tips to help secure your windows and doors, and keep your family feeling safe. Of course, there are many other tips and products you can employ to improve the security of your home. If you’re located near Edmonton, Alberta, the Reflect Window & Door team would be happy to help you improve your window and door security. Contact us today by calling (780) 434-3410, or filling out our contact form for a free consultation.