Choosing the Right Commercial Windows for Your Business

Commercial spaces such as office buildings, retail businesses, restaurants and even warehouses need the right windows for each commercial application, for purposes like appearance and energy efficiency.

When it comes to choosing the right commercial windows for your business, however, there are a few things to consider during your search. If your commercial building needs windows for replacement or new construction, read Reflect Window & Door’s guide to choosing the right commercial windows for your business.


Window performance should be a priority when choosing commercial windows. The windows installed in your commercial building need to be durable enough to withstand the seasons and any type of harsh weather conditions that come along with them. Window performance will not only depend on the quality and type of window chosen, but also the window glass.

Energy Efficiency

Your commercial windows need to be energy efficient, to decrease the maintenance costs of your business and increase the lifespan of the windows. Your employees, who spend a lot of time at work, will also benefit from energy efficient windows because they provide a comfortable environment indoors. Heat retention, or U-Value, is an important consideration when choosing commercial windows, as well as the rate that a material resists heat passing through it, or the R-Value.


The style and appearance of commercial windows will impact the exterior and interior look of your commercial space. Bow and bay windows are a great option for aesthetic purposes, sitting on an angle on the exterior to let in three-dimensional views of the outdoors. Casement windows are a popular commercial window style option, while Hung windows provide ventilation by sliding up and down. Fixed windows don’t open but they provide an abundance of natural light to the commercial space.


No matter what type of glass or style of commercial window is chosen, proper window installation will increase the lifespan of the window and its performance. Reflect Window & Door provides a full-service window repair and replacement solution. Our Edmonton team of expert window contractors is available for almost any commercial project, regardless of how small or large the commercial space is.


Reflect Window & Door offers window services for businesses and other commercial applications. We also offer various window parts, including window hardware and replacement window parts.

We service all types and sizes of windows, including vinyl windows, aluminum windows, wood windows, and others. We can work with casement windows, awning windows, sliding windows, bay windows, picture windows, skylights, and more. Schedule a consultation now!