DORMA 7300 Series Compact Door Closer From Reflect Window and Door

Introducing DORMA 7300 Series Compact Door Closers – All the Quality & Power of DORMA in a Small,
Stylish Size

The 7300 Series door closers from DORMA may look smaller than other door closers, but don’t let that fool you. The door closers in this series are made with all the same quality and materials as DORMA’s other closers, which means they’ll work well and last a lifetime. However, they come with a full range of options, accessories and features, so they can be successfully installed almost anywhere. When you need a reliable, powerful door closer in a small, stylish size, you need DORMA’s 7300 Series door closers.

The Features, Options and Unbeatable Strength of DORMA 7300 Compact Door Closers

DORMA 7300 compact door closers are like diamonds — They pack style, durability and strength into one tiny, good-looking package. These rack and pinion hydraulic surface applied door closers have two independent valves controlling the sweep and latch speeds even when the closer is subjected to extreme changes in temperatures. And they come standard with an adjustable backcheck to cushion the opening and closing, which reduces stress and damage to the hardware.

They come in fixed spring sizes 3,4 and 5 and are non-handed, which means they are ideal for regular (80 – 170 degrees), top jamb and parallel arm (70 – 175 degrees) configurations. Need a door closer that meets specific regulations? That’s no problem either. DORMA’s 7300 door closers are CSFM approved, UL and CUL listed, ANSI/BHMA A156.4 Grade 1 certified and meet UL10C positive pressure requirements. They come in standard finishes such as aluminum, bronze, gold and black.

Installing DORMA 7300 Series Door Closers

To install a 7300 Series door closer, you’ll need approximately 2-1/2″ of door rail. You’ll also need clearance around the plastic cover to give the door closer room to operate. The closer is easy to install, however. Each closer comes with sex nuts and machine screws for 1 – 3/4″ door or 1 – 3/8″ door. They can be ordered with self-drilling screws for steel applications or self-tapping screws for aluminum, so you shouldn’t need any additional parts. If you do need additional pieces to install a 7300 door closer, however, DORMA offers numerous accessories including back plates, drop plates, brackets and spacers.

You have several options when ordering one of these door closers. For example, while they do come in a range of basic finishes, you can order 7300 closers in custom colours or with additional options. These other options include tamper-resistant TORX screws, hold opens, parallel arm brackets and even slim plastic covers. There are also three fixed spring sizes.

The 7300 Series door closers from DORMA provide construction and building professionals with a stylish, durable and safe way to control doors. And because they’re compact and available in multiple colours or finishes, they’re ideal for several different applications. Simply contact Reflect Window & Door to learn more or order your DORMA door closers.