DORMA 8600 Series Surface Door Closers From Reflect Window & Door

DORMA’s 8600 Series Surface Door Closers – The Latest in Door Control Technology

The fully adjustable, durable and long-lasting DORMA 8600 Series surface door closers can meet the demands of even the busiest commercial and institutional applications. It’s corrosion-resistant aluminum will help it avoid the damage caused by the elements. And its slim cover, flat form arm and professional architectural finish gives the 8600 surface application door closer a modern look.

Why Contractors and Construction Professionals Choose DORMA 8600 Series Door Closers

The 8616 non-handed hydraulic door closer includes spring sizes 1 – 6. It has a parallel arm bracket, backcheck positioning adjustment and a full line of specialty function arms and plates. It has controlled closing using its two adjustment valves (180 – 10 degrees and 10 – 0 degrees), which have been designed to maintain the same closing speed regardless of changes in temperature. A slim plastic cover and nuts/screws for 1 3/4″ door is also included. And because they’re non-handed, they’re perfect for regular, top jamb and parallel arm mounting on interior and exterior doors.

You have the option of setting a delayed action, hold open points and a full metal or plastic cover. You can choose self-drilling screws or self-tapping screws. And for special applications, DORMA also provides a full range of optional arms, plates and brackets. The 8616 closers for interior and exterior doors meets barrier-free requirements and is adjustable from size 1 to 6, so it’s easy to use even for those with disabilities. And because they’re available in several sprayed finishes including aluminum, bronze, gold and black, as well as custom and designer colours, 8600 Series door closers look as good as they work.

DORMA 8600 Surface Applied Door Closers Are Safe, Secure and User-Friendly

Safety and security is also important to DORMA. The 8600 Series door closers have an octagonal bore spring adjustment, which eliminates the risk of the door slipping as it wears. The optional, adjustable delayed action has a separate independent valve that can be set to ensure you through the door unobstructed. And if security is of particular concern, you can order 8600 door closers with tamper-resistant TORX screws.

The backcheck on the 8600 Series closers, which come as a standard feature, are also important. The adjustable backcheck controls the opening motion and prevents damage and injury if the door is pulled open harshly or excessively. The POS backcheck positioning valve maintains an effective backcheck range on parallel arm applications and it’s accessible even after the closer has been installed. All 8600 series door closers are UL/CUL listed, ANSI/BHMA A156/4 Grade 1 certified, ANSI/BHMA A117.1 and ADA regulations for barrier-free entry, is CSFM approved and meets UL10C requirements for positive pressure.

The 8600 Series surface application door closers look good and will last a lifetime. They’re flexible, versatile and easy to install. And the DORMA warranty means you’re guaranteed to get a high quality product. Contact Reflect Window and Door to learn more and order DORMA door closers for your next project.