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The 8900 Series Heavy-Duty Surface Applied Door Closer – The Ideal Door Solution for Commercial Projects

When you need a surface applied door closer that can withstand the extreme wear and tear that comes with commercial and institutional use, look no further than DORMA’s 8900 Series door closer. It’s flexible enough to work with right and left hand mounted doors and those with excessive height and width requirements. And because it has adjustable hydraulic backcheck, adjustment valves and an optional delay, you’re always in full control of the opener and can change it with ease. Best of all, it’s backed with a 25-year warranty, so you can walk away when you’ve finished the job and never have to worry about quality.

Why Construction Professionals Choose DORMA’s 8900 Heavy-Duty Surface Applied Door Closer

Available in brass, bronze, nickel, chrome, aluminum and black, the 8900 DORMA heavy-duty door closer will look as good as it works in almost any commercial or institutional application. Each standard 8916 and 8956 models come with a regular arm, plastic cover, and components for regular, top jamb and parallel arm mounting configurations. (A full metal cover is optional.) The 8916 meets ADA interior and exterior barrier-free requirements for interior doors up to 48″ wide and weighing up to 180 lb (42″ for exterior doors). It’s also fully adjustable, which means it can easily meet the unique needs of overweight or oversized doors.

Control sweep and latch closing speeds with help from the closer’s two independent adjustment valves. The adjustable spring power and backcheck takes effect at approximately 65 degrees. And the field adjustable spring from size 1 to 6 means the 8916 closers satisfy barrier-free requirements. The 8956 closers provide more than 50% more closing force over size 6. And all the door closers in this series have been designed to stop the adjustment of the spring at its minimum and maximum points to avoid damage to the unit.

The 8900 Series door closers not only work, they last. The 8900 surface applied door closers have been independently certified for 10 million cycles. They come with TIGHT LOCK arm tightening, a forged steel main arm hub, hardened pinions/pistons and corrosion-resistant aluminum housings. And each one is coated with special rust inhibitor (SRI) for added protection, which means this DORMA closer ideal for corrosive environments.

What You Need to Know About Installing DORMA 8900 Series Heavy-Duty Surface Applied Door Closers

Each of DORMA’s 8900 Series closers includes sex nuts and machine screws for 1 – 3/8″ door. The closers have self-drilling screws for steel doors and frames as well as self-tapping screws for aluminum doors and frames. And each exposed fastener has TORX security. Each one is CSFM approved, meets UL10C requirements, is UL and CUL listed and ANSI/BHMA A156.4 Grade 1 certified.

The 8916 meets ANSI/BHMAS A117.1 and ADA barrier-free accessibility standards. However, when manual door closers are adjusted to meet ADA or other reduced opening force requirements, they often lose the power necessary to close and latch the door. Therefore, you may need special assistance or parts in order to meet the requirement without affect the door closer’s performance.

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