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DORMA LM Series Pivot Sets & Components — Long-Lasting, Hassle-Free Large Door Hardware

If your next project includes doors and applications over 1,000 lbs., you need hardware you can trust. You need the LM Series pivot sets and components from DORMA. Durable and long lasting, DORMA’s LM Series door pivots and pivot sets are available for center hung, 3/4″ offset and 1 1/2″ offset doors. And they come in a range of different finishes and configurations, so you know they’ll work perfectly for almost any project.

LM Series Pivots and Pivot Sets From DORMA – One for Every Project

DORMA’s LM Series pivots and pivot sets are created from brass and steel to guarantee a long life of hassle-free operation for rated and non-rated high-traffic interior and exterior openings, lead-lined doors and other doors with extra weight or size. They work with wood, aluminum and hollow doors as well as 20-minute and 3-hour fire doors. However, they also work with paneled doors and those made of unusual materials. And each pivot set works seamlessly with other DORMA products.

DORMA has four main LM Series pivot sets:

Center Hung Pivot Sets and Pivots – Available for doors weighing 200 – 660 lbs., center hung pivots and pivot sets can be single or double acting. With this set, you mortise the walking beam top pivots and bottom arms to the door. You then apply or grout floor bearings to the floor. Heavy-duty center hung pivots and pivot sets are also available for doors up to 1000lb.

3/4″ Offset Pivots and Pivot Sets – Designed for non-rated and fire-rated doors and applications, these pivot sets use full mortise pivots. Other options include intermediate pivots, side jamb bottom arms (for instances where you wish to avoid disrupting the floor) and lead-lined pivots/pivot sets. Flush versions of these pivot sets are standard, but are also available for a 1/8″ inset into the frame.

1 1/2″ Offset Pivot Sets/Pivots – For non-rated and fire-rated applications, these are full-mortise with the option to use intermediate pivots (recommended). Flush mounting is standard, but sets are also available for a 1/8″ inset door and frame condition.

Pocket Pivots – These are designed for non-rated and fire-rated applications that require the door to open to 90 degrees into a pocket where it will be flush with the adjacent wall and frame rabbet.

DORMA LM Series Pivots and Pivot Set Options and Features

The standard LM Series pivot sets come with needle bearings and hardened pins to make sure they can withstand the wear and tear. Lead-lined door pivots for doors up to 800 lbs. work well on other doors of various thicknesses as well. The hole patterns in the pivots are staggered, which allows them to straddle the lead in the center of the door to maintain stability and durability. Each set is UL/CUL listed and ANSI/BHMA A156.4 certified.

There are plenty of options to consider when ordering DORMA pivots and pivot sets. For example, they can arrive primed and ready for painting. Or, you can order them in a variety of finishes and colours. And while LM Series pivots and pivot sets are shipped with machine screws, you do have the option to order them with half machine screws and half wood screws, or all wood screws.

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