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The Hidden Reliability of DORMA RTS88 Overhead Concealed Door Closer

When you need an overhead door closer with optimal performance, but you need to keep all that technology hidden, use the RTS88 overhead concealed door closer from DORMA. It’s the perfect solution for wood, aluminum or hollow metal doors and frames. And it works flawlessly with single and double-acting doors.

Why Contractors and Construction Professionals Love the RTS88 Overhead Concealed Door Closer

Easy to install and effortless to maintain, the RTS88 overhead concealed door closer from DORMA is a favourite of construction professionals and property owners. Construction professionals love the RTS88 because they can prepare the frame and door before installation. This not only makes the work easier, but it also means the job will require less on-site machining. And this means less inconvenience and a lower risk of making mistakes.

The RTS88 Series has dual speed closing controlled by two adjustment valves. It also has a backcheck that slows the door before it makes contact with the cushion. Along with an auxiliary stop and integral cushion at 90 or 105 degrees, almost any door fitted with an RTS88 overhead concealed door closer will work quickly without banging harshly against the frame and placing extra strain on the rest of the building. And if the door has been forced closed, this closer uses a pressure relief valve to protect against damage.

The RTS88 Series Overhead Concealed Door Closer and Your Next Construction Project

The RTS88 door closer from DORMA works with any door weighing up to 250 lb and has a maximum size of four feet for an interior project. On exterior projects, the RTS88 DORMA door closer works on doors of up to 3′ 6″ wide and 200 lb. The thermostatic valves reduce the damage extreme temperatures often cause with these types of applications. And with packages available for side load, end load and offset slide arm applications, it can be easily installed almost anywhere.

Projects often have to meet a unique set of needs. That’s no problem for DORMA’s line of premium products and the RTS88 Series overhead concealed door closer. This carefully crafted door closer meets the 5 lb maximum opening force requirement on 3′ wide doors, which means your project can easily meet disability standards. And there are additional parts and accessories available.

For example, cover plates are available from DORMA for almost any header material. The RTS88 works with special mounting brackets for situations where the unit needs to be installed closer to the aluminum or wood headers. However, you can also have an add-on spindle extension installed for situations where you need additional clearance between the closer body and the door.

When you and your customers need a reliable, versatile overhead door closer, look no further than the RTS88 Series door closer from DORMA. This concealed overhead door closer offers an unmatched strength and durability without complicating the job or demanding hours of costly maintenance work afterward. And if something does go wrong, the unit is covered by a solid warranty.

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