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Kawneer Construction Products – Lightweight Entrances, Curtainwalls and Framing Products from Reflect Window & Door

For premium, high-quality aluminum architectural products you can depend on look no further than Kawneer North America. They have produced a variety of commercial construction products such as entrances, framing systems, curtain walls and more for high-, mid- and low-rise buildings.

Commercial Construction Products Created by Three World-Famous Brands

Kawneer began almost a century ago. Back then (in 1906), the company was owned by an architect who invented the first metal moldings for storefronts. He then used his knowledge to blend artistry, engineering and technology. This changed the world of commercial construction and turned the company into a world-famous provider of construction products. Today, Kawneer includes the Traco brand, which creates premium windows, and Alcoa, which is world-renowned for the quality of its lightweight metal products,

Kawneer NA has created quality commercial construction products for decades. The many items they produce are known for being innovative and high performing regardless of whether they’re for a renovation, repair or new construction. Many of these custom crafted items meet the needs of even the most demanding projects including superior thermal efficiency, maximum sustainability, hurricane resistance and blast resistance. Since they started, they have provided products for many famous buildings including the Peak Tower in Colorado, the Arkansas Department of Environmental Quality and Realm Condominiums in Atlanta, Georgia.

Kawneer North America Leads the Way in Green Commercial Construction

Kawneer NA, Traco and Alcoa don’t just focus on products that have long-lasting, superior performance. They are also dedicated to creating products that are sustainable and easy on the environment. They’re strong supporters of the LEED Green Building Rating System, and they design and build as much as they can while minimizing their impact on the world around them as much as possible.

Kawneer recycles much of its waste and uses as many products created from recycled materials as possible. Their portfolio also shows their dedication to the environment. It’s filled with environmental products for tasks such as thermal and solar projects. Their Photovoltaic (PV) products, for example, provide on-site renewable energy by capturing light energy and turning it into electricity. Their sunshade products reduce the amount of solar heat gain while providing protection from the wind, climate and noise. And they’re flexible, so they work well in almost any construction project.

The well being of their employees and their communities is also important Kawneer, Traco and Alcoa. For example, the companies have several educational and funding opportunities to help their staff grow and succeed. They frequently support local groups and programs, and provide ways for others to reduce their carbon footprint and energy consumption.

Kawneer is dedicated to designing and fabricating commercial building products that easily outperform those created by their competitors. They’re long lasting, easy to work with and meet the needs of the toughest projects. They also pride themselves on creating environmentally and socially responsible products making them high quality all around.

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