Oops! 3 Mistakes to Avoid When Replacing Windows & Doors

window-door-mistakes-edmonton-albertaIf you’re planning to remodel or replace the windows or doors in your home - congratulations! You’re starting a home improvement project that has the potential to make your home more beautiful, more valuable, more secure, and more energy efficient.


Doors and windows are the gateway between your home and the world, and as such, you want them to be both safe and secure as well as attractive and usable. In fact, windows and doors are such an important part of the home, that they’re one of the most common home improvement projects.  

Whatever the reason for your window and door project, if you’re fixing something broken, selling your home, or just want to improve, it’s important to consider and plan your window and door upgrade carefully. Although there are many excellent products on the market today, doing research beforehand will help you avoid costly mistakes and regrets. Today on the Reflect Window & Door blog, our window and door specialists offer three important warnings on common window and door mistakes.  

  • Using the Exact Same Replacement Products. The truth is that in many window and door projects, the reason for the repair is that the old window or door was broken. Windows and doors get a lot of use, and anything from an errant baseball to an inadvertent kick can cause a broken window or door. In these cases, homeowners are often quick to decide on simply replacing the broken window or door with the exact same product. However, this isn’t always the best idea, especially if your previous window or door was years old. The market for windows and doors has evolved over the years, with many new products offering great features and beautiful looks. Whatever the reason for your window or door project, be sure to explore the marketplace and the new products available before making your decision.
  • Energy Inefficiency. These days, everyone is increasingly concerned with conservation. Both because of the cost of power, as well as a desire to help protect the environment, most homeowners want to be as efficient as possible. It’s important to understand that quality windows and doors are critical to energy efficiency. Before making any product decisions, understand how each product will impact your energy use, and try to calculate the cost and savings associated over the lifespan of the product. You might often find that a product with a more expensive price tag will actually offer substantial savings in energy costs over the long run.
  • Insisting on DIY. If you’re an expert handyman or enthusiastic home repair guru, then DIY window and door projects can be both fun and money-saving ventures. However, for most people, attempting to DIY window and door installations isn’t always suggested. An improper door installation can compromise your home security. Windows are fragile, especially when not yet installed, and inexpert installers might accidentally damage a product. Both windows and doors need to be installed with tight fits and appropriate sealants, to ensure energy efficiency and safety. For these reasons and many others, it can often make sense to hire a window and door professional for your project.

Hopefully these tips will help guide you in your next window and door project, and help you avoid some common mistakes that many other homeowners have made. If you’d like more help or advice on your window and door project, please contact the team at Reflect Window & Door today. We’re proud to serve customers all across Edmonton, Alberta and surrounding regions.