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Oops! 3 Mistakes to Avoid When Replacing Windows & Doors

Oops! 3 Mistakes to Avoid When Replacing Windows & Doors

If you’re planning to remodel or replace the windows or doors in your home - congratulations! You’re starting a home improvement project that has t...Read More

4 Window & Door Security Tips to Help Secure Your Home

4 Window & Door Security Tips to Help Secure Your Home

As a homeowner, you know that nothing is more important than creating a safe and secure home for your family. However, it’s also important that y...Read More

Adding a Storm Door to Your Home - It's Now Even Easier

A new storm door is a quick and affordable way to add value, functionality and beauty to your home. In fact, it’s a wise investment for many reason...Read More

How to Wash Windows and Get a Perfect, Streak - Free Shine Every Time

Washing windows sure isn't fun, but it's still important. Including regular cleanings as part of your annual home improvement checklist will ensure...Read More

Preventing Indoor Condensation

Water collecting on your new windows is a bad sign. Or is it? Just because you can see moisture on the window panes doesn't necessarily mean your w...Read More

Signs That Your Old Windows or Doors Need to Be Replaced

The windows and doors in your home should be the last items on your list of worries. If your home's windows are hard-to-open, have drafts, faded fu...Read More

Why Did My New Window Crack?

Cracks in a new window can be extremely frustrating. After all, you just had it installed. How do you make sure it doesn't happen again? Should you...Read More

What You Need to Know About Windows and Window Types

While they might look the same at first glance, not all windows are created equal -- Each window has a specific set of traits and will match a part...Read More

Window Installation for Typical Wood Frame Walls

Ready for a fresh new view of the outside world? With a little elbow grease, window installation can give your home a new look, make it more effici...Read More

How to Cut a Hollow-Core Door and Get a Perfect Cut Every Time

If you've ever replaced a hollow-core door, or even just shopped for one, you'll know they rarely come in the right size. Sometimes the jamb isn't ...Read More

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