Understanding Different Types of Window Glass

types of window glass Edmonton AlbertaWhen you’re planning a home improvement project, it’s always important to be aware of your options. This is especially true of window and door projects, which often allow for many subtle product choices that can make a major long-term impact in the overall enjoyment of your home.


When it comes to windows, one important factor to consider is the many different types of window glass available. Today’s modern window products can be configured with different types of glass to meet your specific needs, including energy efficiency, safety, aesthetics, and more.


No matter the size of your window project, understanding your glass choices and options is key to making the right decisions for your home and family. In today’s blog post, the window and door experts at Reflect Window & Door will cover some of the most important types of window glass, and how these different options can work for for your needs.  

  • Low-E Glass. Low-E glass, also known as low emissivity glass, is a type of glass which includes a special coating that allows visible light to enter, while reflecting infrared light. This helps control climate and save energy, since during the summer heat is reflected away, and during the winter heat is retained. While this is effective for energy conservation, it can sometimes create a slight tint, which some homeowners will find unappealing.
  • Double and Triple Glazed Glass. Double and triple glazed glass refers to windows which have multiple panes of glass, with a space between each pane filled with air, or sometimes an energy-conserving gas. This type of window is more expensive than single pane, but has considerable energy saving benefits. This type of window is also referred to as insulated window glazing, and beyond energy savings can also help to limit noise.
  • Reflective Glass. Reflective glass includes a metal coating which creates a mirror effect on windows. It offers excellent protection from the sun’s heat and light, and also allows for privacy. It is most commonly used in commercial applications such as office buildings, but may have some place in residential homes that want a very striking design.
  • Safety Glass. There are various forms of safety glass available, including tempered glass, laminated glass, and wire mesh glass. All of these glass types have special safety features. They are generally much more impact-resistant, making them ideal for dangerous weather conditions such as hurricanes and earthquakes. Safety glass is also often used in commercial applications such as storefront windows to help deter robbery. Wire glass is often used to resist fire, since the wire helps to keep the glass in place and prevent a fire from spreading.

As you can see, there are many types of glass available to suit a range of needs. If you’re planning a window and door project, and would like more information about glass options and window products, the team at Reflect Window & Door can help. Contact us today for a free consultation.