Tremco Mono 555 - Acrylic Terpolymer Sealant for Glazing and Framing

Getting the Most from Tremco Mono 555 - The Acrylic Terpolymer Glazing and Framing Sealant

For sealing window and door perimeters, control joints, mullion beddings, frames, PVC and aluminum siding, look no further than Tremco Mono 555. A solvent-based acrylic sealant, Mono 555 provides building and repair professionals with a UV-resistant seal that can withstand the elements. In fact, it likes the sun. It uses the sun's radiation to remain soft and flexible even in the coldest temperatures. It can even be used to create cap beads between the glass and exterior stop. And using Mono 555 from Tremco is quick and easy, too.

What You Need to Know About Tremco Mono 555

Created specifically for areas that experience environmental extremes, Mono 555 is a thermoplastic sealant that has been used for more than 40 years in cold weather climates. Rather than becoming brittle and hard in cold weather, Tremco's Mono 555 uses the sun's radiation to keep it flexible and soft. It adheres easily to most construction materials without primers and comes in eleven different colours to match almost any project you have in mind. (It comes in 300 ml tubes, which is enough to do 35 linear feet with a 1/4" x 1/4" bead.) Mono 555 by Tremco meets several US and Canadian standards. It has been GreenGuard certified, which means it has low volatile organic emissions, and is made in part using rapidly renewable resources, so it's easier on the planet. It can be used with any horizontal or vertical joint that is 1/4" or wider that is equivalent to four times the width of the anticipated movement. And if it's a fast project turnaround time you're after, Tremco's Mono 555 works with green or uncured concrete. It develops a skin when left overnight and is fully cured in 21 days when the temperature is approximately 22 degrees Celsius.

Preparing and Applying Tremco Mono 555 for a Superior Seal

Before applying Mono 555 by Tremco, you'll need to prepare the joints to ensure you get adequate adhesion and a proper seal. First, apply bond breaker tape, a closed cell, or polyethylene backer rod. This will ensure you get good adhesion along the length of the join while controlling the sealant depth and preventing it from adhering to the back of the joint. Then, allow it to dry before removing any dirt, moisture or contaminants from the area you wish to seal. Everything should also be solid and well-constructed to avoid having extra movement in the join that could unseat the sealant. (Dirt and contaminants can be removed with a wire brush, grinder or solvent.)
Next, do a mock-up or field test to check the strength of the adhesiveness using the actual materials you'll be using in the joint. (In most cases, you'll find you won't need a primer.) Then, make sure you have 1/4" of material on each side and simply run a fillet or angle bead around the perimeter of the window or door. If you're applying Tremco's Mono 555 to expansion joints, the width and depth of the bead will depend on the joint. The bead depth should be equivalent to the width of the joint if the joint is 1/2" or less. Joints 1/2" to 1" should have a sealant bead depth equivalent to half the depth. However, the bead should never be less than 1/4" by 1/4". (If you need to seal a joint that is larger than 1", contact Reflect Window and door for more information on the process.) You should use dry tooling to ensure the sealant adheres properly to the joint materials, but you can use a bit of xylene on the spatula to go back over the area if necessary. When working with Mono 555 by Tremco, there are a few things you need to keep in mind. First, the surface temperature of the joint needs to be at least 5 degrees Celsius or above. You should also never use Mono 555 on damp or contaminated surfaces. Mono 555 doesn't work well with polystyrene, insulated glass seals or on laminated glass edges. For safety reasons, you should also work in a well-ventilated area, use protective equipment wherever possible and make sure you're familiar with the information and tips provided in the product's MSDS. And if you need more information or have questions, be sure to contact Reflect Window and Door, or stop by and order Tremco Mono 555 for your next project.