Tremco VISIONstrip High Performance Glazing Seal

Getting the Most From Tremco’s VISIONstrip Sealant – What You Need to Know

Tremco VISIONstrip has been created for compression glazing systems that require the high performance glazing of curtain walls, ribbon window systems, sloped glazing applications and unitized curtain walls. And what makes VISIONstrip special? It has been fitted with an EPDM rubber extrusion along the sightline with a highly adhesive and elastic sealant bonded below. It works best by creating a seal between the metal and glass surfaces while creating a visually clean gasket-like appearance. However, you do need to take the right steps to ensure VISIONstrip is installed properly.

Before Installing VISIONstrip from Tremco

Before you can begin to install Tremco VISIONstrip, you’ll want to make sure the surface has been properly prepared. Everything should be correctly installed, fully adjusted and solid. The surfaces of the joint should be dry and free of any debris or contaminants. If it does need a bit of cleaning, use a wire brush, grinder, sandblaster or solvent to remove any finishes or substances that could interfere with the adhesion of the sealant.

It has a tensile strength of 1867 psi (12.9 MPa) and a tear strength of 176 lbs/in (30.8 kN/m). This guarantees VISIONstrip can withstand a significant amount of force and take the abuse of everyday use. However, there are a few limitations with Tremco VISIONstrip. For example, it should never be used with joints that are consistently immersed in water or exposed to temperatures over 93 degrees Celsius. It will also work with most sealants and curtainwall systems. However, you should always perform a compatibility test to ensure you get a solid, quality adhesion.

VISIONstrip comes in three main types:

3.18 mm Face Clearance, which comes in 134 m (440 ft) cases or 12.2 m (40 ft) rolls.
4.75 mm Face Clearance, which comes in 107 m (350 ft) cases or 10.7 m (35 ft) rolls
6.35 mm Face Clearance, which is available in 91.4 m 300 foot cases or 9.1 m (30 ft) rolls.

If you require a specific shape or have a project with unique needs, you can also have VISIONstrip custom created to suit your unique needs. Simply contact Reflect Window & Door and let the professionals know what you need.

Applying VISIONstrip

Tremco has made VISIONstrip quick and easy to install. However, you should always test the system or create a mock-up to make sure the VISIONstrip mates properly with the metal nib. (The metal nub should be 1.27 mm x 1.52 mm.) The surface temperature should be between -7 and 49 degrees Celsius when applying this product for the best results. You should also avoid using it on joints that will be submerged in water or in areas that will be exposed to temperatures of 93 Celsius or higher.

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