Truth Hardware - The Story Behind Your Doors and Windows

The handles, hinges and hardware on your windows and doors may seem like small details, but they are the product of passion, dedication and a rich history. These items are much more than just quality metal and clever engineering. This is particularly true for the innovative products created by Truth Window and Door Hardware.

The Hardware on Your Windows Might Have Started as a Horseshoe

Truth Hardware has been around since the early 1900s. Back then, it was a blacksmith's shop owned by Arthur E. Cowden. Cowden would shoe horses and repair farm equipment during the day. In his spare time, however, he'd indulge in his passion: chisels and punches. Soon, his tools became so famous for their quality, Cowden eventually turned his shop into a tool manufacturing company. The company eventually moved to Mankato, Minnesota (which is perhaps best known as an important location in Maud Hart Lovelace's children books and Little House on the Prairie), hired a talented engineer named Reub Kaplan and started creating tools for the war effort. After the war was over, however, the company needed a new product to manufacturer. That's when Truth began transitioning into a world-leading window and door hardware manufacturer.

Truth Window and Door Hardware Slayed Its Competition With Honesty and Quality

Even in the early 1900s, Arthur Cowden understood the importance of honesty and quality. In fact, Cowden named his business "Truth Hardware" and adopted a two-part guarantee after dealing with tons of dishonest steel producers. Any defective tools were replaced free of charge. They would also recondition their tools free of charge if they were brought to the factory. Today, this dedication to quality continues.

Truth Hardware became the first in its industry to become registered with the International Standards Organization (ISO 9001). This means their management, administration, product development and manufacturing all meet a comprehensive and demanding set of standards. These standards are monitored, regularly audited and controlled by an independent third party, so you know you can depend on every aspect of this business.

Environmentally-Responsible Door and Window Hardware

Window and door hardware might not create large amounts of waste or pollution, but they can still have an impact on the environment. That's why it's important for the manufacturer to reduce waste, recycle the waste they do create and reuse as much as possible. And Truth Window and Door Hardware does just that.

Sure, they recycle office paper, have a recycling program and ship their hardware in packages made from recycled material, but that’s not all. Truth Hardware:
•    Recycles leftover metals.
•    Adopts new technologies and techniques to reduce the amount of resources and energy they consume.
•    Reclaims and reuses more than half of the paint powder and zinc lost during manufacturing.
•    Looks for new ways to further reduce their impact on the environment.

Truth Hardware Supports Communities and Families

Truth Window and Door Hardware has always known a business can't survive without satisfied customers. And to get satisfied customers, a business needs a quality product produced by happy employees. That's why it's important for Truth Hardware to support communities. They provide regular education and training, contribute to non-profit organizations like the United Way and support other environmental and social interests through local contributions committees.
A door handle, sliding door hardware or a hinge system look innocent. You'd never know they were based on more than 60 years of fascinating history. And you would never know that buying quality window and door hardware can support the environment and communities across the continent. Now that you do, however, you'll never look at windows and doors the same again.